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Keep Calm and Dance On

OMG!  I love the topic this week!   It’s recital week!  Everyone keep calm…and dance on! The past few weeks have been filled with end of school concerts, programs, tests, and whatever other chaos leads to much hair pulling.  But … Continue reading

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Brushes with Greatness

Like my blogmates, I wasn’t sure what kind of “child’s tales” we were supposed to talk about this week, but I’m going with memories of stories from my childhood since I think there’s some law prohibiting me from spilling about … Continue reading

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Excuses Excuses

I’m not even sure what week it is, but since I’ve been MIA for so many, I feel compelled to explain my absence. LIFE IS KICKING MY ASS! It’s not bad, just busy.  For someone as scatterbrained as I can … Continue reading

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Are We Alone?

Last week talked about whether or not we’d want to go into space.  While I was quite enthusiastic in wanting to go out there (but not WAAAAAYYYY out there), I’m not so sure I’d want to meet any of our … Continue reading

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Space Cadet

This week’s question is if we would want to travel into outer space.  Maybe I’m naive, but I would LOVE to do that.  Now, I wouldn’t want to travel very far.  I’m like a toddler who doesn’t want to run … Continue reading

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Head Honchos

It’s Presidents/Prime Minister/Head of State/Head Honcho week.  And maybe what I have to say about the persons who have occupied our highest office in the land can be viewed as scandalous, but I don’t care.  It is my opinion and … Continue reading

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For Lovers…or Not

I’m squeaking in under the wire today mostly because my world has been in a whirlwind for the past five days.  Super short version is that in a few months, my family and I will be moving 3000 miles away … Continue reading

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Taking One For the Team

Surprise, surprise!  I have NOT fallen off the face of the Earth.  However, I have fallen plenty of times.  Some in the privacy of my home and others….well, let’s just say I am very thankful for a very merciful cameraman. … Continue reading

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Thank You Notes…The Other Fan Letter

With this week’s topic asking us about “fan letters” and how we felt about them, I am a bit challenged as I am not yet published.  But I bet we all have experience with a Thank You note. I admit … Continue reading

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Sayonara 2013…Bon Jour 2014!

Happy New Year!  I’m scooting in under the wire for the first day of 2014, but I have been traveling over the past several days from one end of Florida to practically the other and back again.  Sorry if my … Continue reading

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