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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.

Tired, Stressed and Too Much on My Plate

I’m going to take a break from being the Tuesday fox. I have way too much going on with my day job and trying to keep up with all that entails as well as blogging and writing and promoting. SO, … Continue reading

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Dad Memory and Burgers

This one will be short and sweet and maybe funny. I started it yesterday (which was a pretty crazy day) and forgot to finish so it will now be very short since I gotta dash out the door. I was … Continue reading

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School’s Out, Summer Fun is In

Traditionally here in the piece of the world we call paradise, we have an end of the school year party at the beach! I have many memories of those end of year blasts and the one I’m going to share … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Tornadoes

Some of you may recall my January 15, I think it was, post about Strangers on a Train where I told about my friend falling in love on a train trip through Europe. Well, yesterday, his home was one of … Continue reading

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My Mother- The Hud

I love New York City and I try to head up there about once a year or eighteen months. One year, my mother decided she wanted to come. She’d always warned me about the hoods and criminals and worried that … Continue reading

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The Moon, the Stars and Jimmy Buffett

One of my favorite romantic song is this one by Jimmy Buffet- Stars fell on Alabama- Some of the first words are so evocative. I can just see these people dancing in the moonlight on the beach with the scent … Continue reading

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My Favorite Flowers

I’m a huge fan of blooming flowers as well as the tiny buds when they appear on the trees and stems. My absolute favorites are white flowers of any kind. While I love color, white ones somehow speak to my … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I’m late. I know. Sorry. It’s been crazy world for me for the last week and I know I’m late today. I apologize as well to my blog mates for not being around but some of these days it’s been … Continue reading

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Sorry- No Post

This week’s topic is what we’d do with a $5,000.00 tax refund but I can’t be perky and cheery after the news yesterday regarding the Boston Marathon. I also have had personal bad news today. My dad has to have … Continue reading

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New Release on Friday, the 12th

Since it’s a free week this week here on the ol’ blog, I thought I’d share a bit about my upcoming release from Sweet Cravings Publishing for Friday this week. I’ve got a link here for my page at this … Continue reading

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