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The Great Break-Up Anthem: Look Away

Ah, break up songs: some of the best music ever composed, recorded, and put on a mix tape. I was lucky to grow up in the 80’s, when heartfelt anthems intersected with enormous hair and rockin’ guitar solos. I can’t … Continue reading

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Air Force One

I have to be honest. I try to stay far away from political discussions—both on my blog and with people in general. Call me a wimp, but it’s more about my inability to debate things, really. Well—lack of desire to … Continue reading

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Guest Fox — Tonya Kappes

By Jeff Salter             I’m delighted to welcome my very first Guest Fox on the Thursday ‘Hound’ Day for this relatively new blog.  But this is not just any ole fox — I’ve booked the talented, energetic, and lovely Tonya … Continue reading

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Ready? Fight!

So those of you who are regulars on my personal blog already know that my family is insane. Oh, yes, they are and they know it. In fact, I might even go so far as to say they revel in … Continue reading

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Washington and Lincoln- Men That Were Progressive

First, let me wish George a happy 279th birthday today and Abe a happy 202nd birthday (on the 12th)- talk about a cake conflagration there! Both of these men were progressive before their time. Mr. Washington owned slaves but he came … Continue reading

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It’s President’s Day! Come for the Sex, Stay for the Politics

What does President’s Day have to do with love? Well, not much that I can come up with. So today I’m going to talk about politics. My apologies in advance. 🙂 As an author, I’ve often wondered how much to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dreams of a Dark Warrior

When we started this blog , I knew this was one book review I would have to do. I’ve never hid my fangirl ways when it came to Kresley Cole. I’ve been enjoying her books since the first Immortal After Dark … Continue reading

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Fifteen Years Later. . .

So, Valentine’s Day is over. Are you sick of all the posts dedicated to the holiday yet? I’m not. I love love. Since I write paranormal romance, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, but still. I’m especially … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day — In Retrospect

[Or … My First True ‘Like’] by Jeff Salter             I can only assume I had heard of it previously, but I didn’t sense the true importance of Valentine’s Day until fifth grade when my heart was first captured by … Continue reading

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A Chocolate Lover’s Delight

I know this week we’re talking about the most romantic things we’ve ever seen/experienced. I’ll get to that. Eventually. What I really wanted to say is that for chocolate lovers, the day after Valentine’s Day is like Christmas. Why? Because … Continue reading

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