Valentine Scrooge

If there’s such a thing as a Valentine’s Day Scrooge, I fit the bill.  I’ve never been a fan of the holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually all over any excuse for chocolate. What I don’t like about the holiday is the pressure people feel about it. I have met people who freak out if they have no one to send them flowers, candy or a sentimental card. No one to wine and dine them, so to speak. Unrealistic expectations abound around this holiday. It’s just a day on the calendar but the media, restaurants and even the grocery stores place such a big emphasis on it- and I know the motive there is for the almighty dollar- the people who are alone feel it deeper at this time of year. I even read once about the number of suicides being larger at this time of year. How sad is that?

The idea that one day a year is the one to really show your love seems tragic to me. Why can’t we show the people we love that we love them every day? Not just on February 14. 

Another thing that burns me up about the holiday is the price of flowers. You can buy a dozen cash and carry roses all year long here for $19.99 except for the week of Valentine’s Day when the least expensive dozen roses is $49.99.  So, what’s up with that?? Again, the expectation is that a man will feel guilted into spending $30.00 more for the same product one week that he could get for less a few days later. And he’ll do it because that woman expects it.

In my house, we buy some chocolate at Walgreen’s and that’s it. Sometimes, the spouse orders a big cookie. But no card, no flowers, no big splashy display. And old Scrooge here is just fine with that.


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14 Responses to Valentine Scrooge

  1. danicaavet says:

    I agree with you, Jillian! Oh, sure, I always like to go to the store on Valentine’s Day just to watch the bug-eyed men trying to find the perfect card, or flowers, or candy. It’s amusing, but on the other hand, they could save themselves a lot of stress by treating their ladies to flowers, cards, or candy at any time during the year. I think it’s all about guilt, really, and the marketing geniuses know it. Sly dogs.


    • Marketing manipulation is a pet peeve of mine- MAJOR pet peeve!! I agree about the bug eyed dudes- but I somewhat blame the women for the expectation – and the anger if the guys aren’t forthcoming.


  2. Lynn Rush says:

    It has gotten a bit commercialized, hasn’t it? I still love the day, though, because fifteen years ago my sweet hubby proposed to me on Valentine’s Day. 🙂


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I dislike the market manipulation also — intensely.
    Don’t like being ‘motivated’ by guilt either.
    But sometimes I’ve gotten ‘into’ V-day and sent/given something for the spouse which I knew would impress her colleagues (and she’d value it even more because of that).
    I know, it’s a twisted sense of what V-day is about supposedly.
    Like some of you have mentioned, I think the spontaneous little gift is more genuine because it shows you love/care and were thinking about her/him … even when NOT commanded by the retailers.


  4. Daisy Harris says:

    You feel about Valentine’s Day the was I do about Christmas!

    I don’t really care what happens on V-Day so long as I don’t have to cook. If I had to cook dinner on V-Day, I’d be pissed! Other than that gift or no gift- meh.



  5. Hubby and I make a point of spending time together, the ultimate gift, on Valentine’s Day rather than do too much of the commercialized thing. He got breakfast in bed, I got a lovely card and token box of chocolate. Why a token box? Because we raid the stores holding hands like a couple of kids and hit the half price boxes of chocolates over the next several days! LOL

    Yeah, we’re terrible, but two-fers of chocolate are always a hit with me! AND I get some pretty impressive silk-and-beribboned-boxes to hold keepsakes.


  6. Laurie Ryan says:

    That’s like our house. My husband and I exchange cards. Beyond that, we give the gift of time. We go for a walk, or we cook a nice meal and eat it by candlelight. Or, like this year, we go away for a couple days…we’re heading out next week for a couple nights away. It’s the same for anniversaries with us. 🙂
    No chocolate here. It’s forbidden in the house for now, with me trying to lose weight.


  7. Runere- I can see you and Steve running through the aisles hand in hand and getting all that two-fer candy. You guys are so cute!!


  8. Jill W says:

    I completely agree, Jillian. In our house, every day is Valentine’s Day, treating each other with love and respect.


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