Fifteen Years Later. . .

So, Valentine’s Day is over. Are you sick of all the posts dedicated to the holiday yet? I’m not. I love love. Since I write paranormal romance, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, but still.

I’m especially particular to Valentine’s Day because it’s when my sweet hubby proposed to me.

Yep. We were in grad school. He had a big exam the following day so he took a study break and came over to my apartment. He popped in the song Anytime You Need a Friend, by Mariah Carey and we danced.

Then, he got down on one knee and proposed. It couldn’t have been more sweet as far as I was concerned. Even more sweet, the diamond in the wedding ring was his mother’s engagement diamond.

And they’ve been married over 42 years! I love that sentimental stuff!

This year…Fifteen Valentine’s Days later…my hubby put on the same song and we danced in our living room.

*Le Sigh*


About Lynn Rush

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author, chocolate addict & ultra runner. Agent: Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency
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9 Responses to Fifteen Years Later. . .

  1. How wonderful!! He’s a lovely, lovely man- You got a keeper!! Love the wedding picture. You both look great.


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Can he cook?
    Seriously, like Jillian says: he sounds like a keeper. And you two seem very happy together. That’s awesome.


  3. danicaavet says:

    That is soo sweet! No wonder you like all that sugary sweet romantic stuff! 😉 Great post, Lynn. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness!


  4. Daisy Harris says:

    Aw, that it the sweetest thing ever! Happy anniversary. 🙂


  5. Jill W says:

    Great story, Lynn! Thanks for sharing!


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