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A Different Perspective on Heroism

A Different Perspective on Heroism By Jeff Salter  Over-Use and Distortion             First of all:  I believe the words ‘hero’ and ‘heroic’ have been over-used and their meanings have been greatly distorted in recent years.  In their search for heroes, … Continue reading

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My Hero

Ah, the hero *swoon* Okay, you’re right; I wouldn’t swoon, I’d leer. I can’t help it. It’s a prerequisite for dirty old ladydom. However, I do love a good hero. I’m going to list what I think a hero is … Continue reading

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My Favorite Austen Hero

Since Ms. Daisy did such an excellent job on outlining the attributes of a hero, I decided to compare and contrast a couple of heroes of Jane Austen’s world. I actually have a t-shirt that says Colonel Brandon > Mr. … Continue reading

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What is a Hero?

This is a timely question for me as tomorrow my Mere Passion hero, Kai, is up against Kerri Nelson‘s hockey player in Camryn Rhys’ CSAR contest. Kai was probably the most heroic hero I’ve written to date. I tend towards … Continue reading

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This Present Darkness . . .

I know I should probably say a book on the craft of writing most influenced me as a writer, right? But I can’t. There is one for sure: Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell, but This Present Darkness most … Continue reading

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Most Influential Books … Which Shaped Me As a Writer

 An Inspirational Series, a Famous Hometown Author, and a Writer Who Made me Laugh                     By Jeff Salter             Wow.  So many possibilities.  No way I can limit this to a single title.  So I’ll talk about a series and … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic

I had a hard time picking one book that had an influence on my writing. I see-sawed between To Kill A Mockingbird, Dark Lover, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Yeah, three vastly different books, but I had to … Continue reading

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“Walking on Alligators”

This book by Susan Shaughnessy helped me to have the nerve to put my work out into the world.  For a very long time, I wrote my stories just for myself. I would see a building that evoked a feeling … Continue reading

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Books that Shaped Us: Portnoy’s Complaint

So many books have influenced my writing. Each time I read something new my craft shifts a tiny fraction to incorporate the fresh voices in my head. However, there are a few that stand out as shaping how I see … Continue reading

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Are you still seeing green?

So, what’d you do for St. Patrick’s Day? I’m not Irish at all, so it went on like a normal day for me. But I got to thinking about a couple movies when hearing about the Irish stuff and Leprechauns…. Have … Continue reading

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