Springing Ahead: Hellz to the YEAH!

I hate daylight savings time, hate it with the gleaming power of a thousand suns. Each year when daylight savings begins, it’s like being thrust into a universe of darkness. Why? Because in Seattle, the shortest day of the year contains only 8 hours of “daylight,” while our longest day is bright for a whopping 16 hours.

So- day length changes drastically over the course of the year. If you add a shift for daylight savings? It makes winter days SHORT. Plus, since our shortest daylight months are also overcast, I’ve noticed the sky getting noticeably darker at 2:30 pm.

Not good! Here’s a good representation of what it looks like here in winter:

But, ah…the return to standard time! All of a sudden, we get our early evenings back! I cannot stress enough how fantastic this makes everyone feel. It’s like living in a whole different city- a city where the sun shines, and you don’t want to put on pajamas at four thirty. It’s a city where I can consider leaving the house as late as eight pm.

It’s the city I love.

Here’s a depiction of how we feel in the summer around here. (The dancing is in no way a hyperbole. People actually break into song and dance randomly on the streets. Oh, and music plays in the background.)

I must go now and run a marathon…or learn an instrument…or disco in the streets. I’m that excited about the return to standard time!


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5 Responses to Springing Ahead: Hellz to the YEAH!

  1. danicaavet says:

    And I’m the exact opposite because it means the blood-suckers are going to return. *sniff* Swarms of mosquitos just waiting to drain you of life one little bite at a time! 😉


  2. jeff7salter says:

    So, Daisy, tell us how you really feel about daylight! LOL.

    When I was working full time, I rose at 5:25 a.m. and was on the road by 6:15. For four months, it was pitch dark at that time.
    For four diff. months, it was pitch dark when I LEFT work to come home.
    I hated both extremes.
    I’m still lobbying for a half-hour shift to a compromise time and then LEAVE it alone!


    • Daisy Harris says:

      I agree- I just wish they’d leave it alone. I mean- in the depth of winter it’s dark in both the morning and afternoon- so I’ve had that experience as well- where it’s dark when you leave home as well as when you get back. So I don’t really understand the benefit of changing the time.

      We can canvass together!

      Thanks for commenting, Jeff!


  3. Lynn Rush says:

    Love that.

    Yeah, now I have to figure out all the time changes….we’re on with California now, I think. In AZ we don’t turn our clocks backward or forward. LOL It’s confusing. 😦


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