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“Walking on Alligators”

This book by Susan Shaughnessy helped me to have the nerve to put my work out into the world.  For a very long time, I wrote my stories just for myself. I would see a building that evoked a feeling … Continue reading

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Books that Shaped Us: Portnoy’s Complaint

So many books have influenced my writing. Each time I read something new my craft shifts a tiny fraction to incorporate the fresh voices in my head. However, there are a few that stand out as shaping how I see … Continue reading

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Are you still seeing green?

So, what’d you do for St. Patrick’s Day? I’m not Irish at all, so it went on like a normal day for me. But I got to thinking about a couple movies when hearing about the Irish stuff and Leprechauns…. Have … Continue reading

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A Few Words About the Irish

A Poem and Some History by Jeff Salter              Let me begin by saying my closest link to anything Irish is that I used to like the Boston Celtics more than any other NBA team and ‘The Quiet Man’ is … Continue reading

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I’m Here For the Beer

Tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day which means a lot of kids are running around trying to find something green to wear. I ought to know since I did the same thing. It would send me into a panic every year because … Continue reading

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LA, Leno, and Leprechauns

The theme for this week is Green as it’s St. Paddy’s Day on Thursday. Today, I’m in Los Angeles on vacation/research trip with my cousin that lives north of Houston. We try to meet somewhere once a year/every 18 months … Continue reading

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Springing Ahead: Hellz to the YEAH!

I hate daylight savings time, hate it with the gleaming power of a thousand suns. Each year when daylight savings begins, it’s like being thrust into a universe of darkness. Why? Because in Seattle, the shortest day of the year … Continue reading

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