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Now what?

Kind of like there isn’t a duplicate of a snowflake, what happens after a writer gets a story is just as unique. We might have similar styles or structures we follow, but we all throw in our own twist, which … Continue reading

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The Hound’s Guest Fox: Leigh Verrill-Rhys

                            By Jeff Salter                    [The Hound on Thursdays]             I’m pleased and honored to have as my monthly guest the very talented author of several non-fiction works:  Leigh Verrill-Rhys.  She has recently sold her first novel, discussed below, which … Continue reading

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It’s Like Magic

Or not. Last week we talked about the birth of a story. The moment when I get the most awesome idea! Yay! That’s actually one of my favorite parts of writing: brainstorming. It’s the writing that kills me sometimes. Coming up … Continue reading

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Ok, So I Have An Idea-What’s Next?

Our theme here on the old Foxes and Hound blog this week is to discuss what we do when we get a story idea.  I’m very much a pantser. I usually get the hero in my head first, starting with his name.  … Continue reading

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Once I Have A Story Idea: Then What?

Ah- transitioning an idea into a an actual book. Funny topic! It’s funny, because people who plan to write a book “someday” often think that once you have an idea it automatically blossoms into full-length novel. Ha! I use a … Continue reading

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Blue Ballerina…

When people find out I’ve written a few novels, they inevitably ask me, “Where do you get your ideas from?” I got the idea for the novel, Heaven’s Fire, which landed me my agent, while sitting in a Barnes and … Continue reading

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Images from Spring

     Things I Borrow from Nature                      By Jeff Salter              Two of the suggested topics for this week are (1) where ideas ‘spout’ from and (2) what to do on a rainy day.  What both have in common is … Continue reading

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