Book We Read Again and Again

I’m blogging today from Romance Times Booklovers’ Convention in Los Angeles, so even more than normal I have smut on my mind. Yeah, yeah- I know romance is about love and smooshy gooshy feelings, but…well, not the kind of romance I read. Feelings play in my reading choices, but I’ll be honest and say I have a few books I read again and again, but often I skip to the “good parts.”

I’m reluctant to tell you which books those are, which is weird considering I write smut myself. Given that Four Foxes, One Hound is not an erotica blog, I don’t think it’s appropriate to list my favorite love scenes of all time. But I will say this- I’m not the only one!

Each day at RT, I’ve heard from readers that they like it HOT! The hotter the better. This may be just be the people who talk to me, granted. Perhaps I don’t attract the Mormon crowd. Not sure why- is it the white-blonde bleach job or the corset?

The folks who find and talk to me want books that fire up their imagination, not to mention other parts of the body, and they are absolutely not shy about saying so. In fact, my readers regularly make me blush. They’re more demanding than a BDSM top and have little to no boundaries.

So since I’m too shy to list the books I read again and again, I’ll just show you a little video of me at RT. 🙂

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7 Responses to Book We Read Again and Again

  1. danicaavet says:

    LOL, you were nearly making me yawn! I’m so glad you had fun at RT. You’ve made me that much more determined to go next year! Although if the readers you spoke to were making you blush, I might have to invest in extra thick make-up so I don’t look like a strawberry the entire week! 😉


    • Daisy Harris says:

      It’s so funny me watching that because I’m talking slowly for once! I sound like I’m telling someone a bedtime story.

      You should go- it’s crazy fun! Busy, tiring, overwhelming- but very, very fun!


  2. You’re so adorable!! I hope you danced your heart out at the vampire ball!! I wish we could hear about your books you like but I DO appreciate that you appreciate that this is not an erotica blog- if you know what I mean. LOL!


    • Daisy Harris says:

      Yeah, being at RT had my mind not exactly on “the classics.” And yeah- I’m on an erotica blog now where I can talk smut to my heart’s content. It’s BDSM month over there in fact! (

      But yes- this is not an erotica blog. And I don’t know if I’d illustrate my “favorite” scenes either way. It’s funny the things a person finds “too personal” but that’s one of them for me.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you at a con one of these days!



  3. jeff7salter says:

    So, did you dance all night?
    Who with?
    Surely not those boors from the Aluminum Siding Salesmen Convention (in your same hotel complex).
    Maybe this will be evident to all the other Foxes and to our blog readers, but why did you wear a corset to a RTB Convention?


    • Daisy Harris says:

      Oh yeah- I’m a big dancer. I’ve taken ballroom classes and was even in a little hip-hip troupe for a while. The most fun were the line dances- I did the Electric Slide, the Macarena, and a new one I don’t know the name of. But line dances are like ballroom dances- if you know a few you can pick up others pretty easily.

      There’s a lot of corset wearing at the romance convention parties. The night I wore one there was the Samhain Steampunk party followed by a Victorian Fairy Ball.

      There also are very few men at romance writers conventions- and the ones who are there are mostly cover models. I find them a little odd to talk to just because we don’t have much in common. “Wow- so you’re really good-looking, huh? I love your abs” won’t fill in more than a few seconds of conversation. 🙂

      I did have some really interesting conversations with some thriller writers (who were male.) Oh- and a comic book company was there and I was very interested to talk to them because I’d love to do comic adaptations of my stories. But honestly, I go to conventions for professional reasons- so light flirting is fine, but I do what I can to avoid anything truly sexually charged. Hence, not much dancing with men…

      You should definitely consider going to a romance writers convention. The men that do go get a lot of attention. (Not necessarily flirting attention, but you stand out. Like platinum hair but without the burning scalp.:)

      Thanks for commenting! And yes- totally attend one of these things. They’re a blast!


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