Earth Day and Writing Ideas

Earth Day is coming this week and I have to confess that one of my sons is very eco conscious and has made it his goal in life to make everyone around him fall in line in the challenge to save the Earth. I’m proud of him for being so concerned about it even though he sometimes drives me crazy with it. The younger son has nicknamed him “Eco-Challenge Boy” as he has nagged us about being eco-friendly for a long time and has also won the eco-challenge competition at his college. He is in architecture school and all of his designs have an environmental component. The younger son has also nicknamed his dad “Sir Camps-a-lot.”  The spouse and Eco-Boy plan to hike the Appalacian Trail this summer before Eco-Boy leaves for grad school in England in September.

The younger kiddo and I, the non-camper, non-hiker types, are heading to Italy. I’ve been before but son hasn’t. He wants to see Rome and Venice. Stay in hotels, eat pasta, learn, and soak up some history. I plan to use this as a research trip for another novel.  I’m looking forward to having some mother/son time.

I will probably also use my older son’s predilection for saving the environment and his love of nature sometime as well in a story. After all, in my book, Surfer Bride, I used the lingo and the things I learned from him as a surfer as part of the background of my heroine.

In sum, my ideas for writing come from everywhere around me, even the seemingly minor, quirky little things. Now, how can I work “Sir Camps-a-lot” into a plot?


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21 Responses to Earth Day and Writing Ideas

  1. Darlene says:

    Sir Camps-A-Lot could use his outdoor skills to rescue the heroine when she’s lost in the wilderness. Hope they have fun hiking this summer. While I do enjoy camping I’d rather do hotels in Italy. Good post Interested to see where you take us in Italy next.


  2. danicaavet says:

    I think you have the basis for a story right there, Jillian. Sir Camps-a-lot dates Lady Shops-a-lot who never leaves the city! 😉


  3. Lavada Dee says:

    I am so with your son and ecology but no camping. I’m at least a 4 star person. And, Italy O M G! It doesn’t get much better than that.


  4. Daisy Harris says:

    You know my dh is a landscape and wildlife photographer, right? It’s all I can do to keep our camping, eco-friendly lifestyle out of my stories! I keep wanting to make my heroes ride bikes or mopeds, and then I remember that doesn’t sound tough. 🙂

    Though in my latest WIP, my h/he do go camping, and the hero wears Gortex. Sure, Gortex make come off as a little effete, but if you’re tromping around in the woods in the Northwest, you’ll get soaked in anything else!

    Cool post. Maybe me and your son should compare notes some time.



    • I love that your hubs is a landscape and wildlife photographer- that’s awesome- I really do love nature- just don’t want to sleep in it. LOL!

      Yeah, you and my son would def. be copacetic- he wanted, at one time, to come to Seattle to settle once he got his degree- he’s now off to the other side of the world but he may end up over there in your area yet.


  5. Daisy Harris says:

    BTW- did you know my books Shark Bait is dedicated to Paul Watson and the folks at Sea Shepard? Yes. We are that kind of hippie. 🙂


  6. Laurie Ryan says:

    I LOVE Danica’s solution (Sir Camps-a-lot meets Madam Shops-a-lot). That cracked me up. Your family has some wonderful plans for this summer. Ours are not so grand, but just as fun. We’ll be visiting a couple of steam trains (one of my husband’s interests) in Brittish Columbia, overseeing a large family reunion, and then finishing it up in the fall with a cruise from New York to Quebec City. So it sounds like we will all be having some fun this year. And, of course, I’m looking forward to seeing you at the RWA conference in June. Fun times!


    • Danica is very, very funny and hopefully, you’ll get to meet her in NYC as well.

      Steam trains sounds like tons of fun- I’ve toured one before and it was cool- get place to set a story!! Family reunion and cruise sounds fun.

      My older son went to Europe (3 countries) with a school group the summer between his junior and senior year in HS and I tried to get the younger one to do the same thing but he said the kids were all nerds and he only wanted to go to Italy, so I’m taking #2 myself! LOL!


  7. jeff7salter says:

    trip to Italy for research?
    Need an additional research assistant?


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