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Memorial Day – Heroes

I’m a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and my ancestor, Thomas Gresham was a member of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge. I’m proud to have had members of my family serve in the armed forces of this country … Continue reading

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What’s POV….

Hi, my name is Lynn, and I didn’t know what Point of View (POV) was when I started writing. There. I admitted it. With that admission, it dawned a whole new outlook on writing for me. I mean, when I … Continue reading

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Guest Fox: Runere McLain!

                  Runére’s Point of View on POV                                   By Jeff Salter              It’s my delight to welcome Runére McLain to the Hound’s Thursday column as my Guest Fox for May.  I won’t repeat any of the info in her bio … Continue reading

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The Bad Touch

There’s a song called “The Bad Touch”, but that isn’t what I’m blogging about today. Nope, it’s all about POV (point of view). I have three books out with a fourth on the way, but I would never consider myself … Continue reading

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Point of View and Leprechauns

I decided to make light of this subject and illustrate several points of view. Imagine a rainbow arcing over the sky; heck, let’s make it a double rainbow. Imagine a leprechaun, an old man, a child with ADHD and a … Continue reading

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It’s All in Your Point of View

Point of view shifts: the bane of the new writers existence. I’m not proud to admit it, but in the first draft of my first book (Mere Temptation) I switched POV every few paragraphs. Yes, it was that bad. My … Continue reading

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Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Okay, I have to say, Dirty Dancing is up there on the list of favorite movies. And since we’re talking about couples on the blog this week, I had to bring them up. Baby and Johnny. **sigh** That last dance…Oh … Continue reading

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