I have a mom, I am a mom and I had a mother in law from hell!  Because the woman that gave birth to my spouse was so hateful to me, I have prayed since the day my sons were born that I would be able to at least like the girl each of them chose to spend their life with. I am happy to say that the girl that my oldest son wants to propose to once he is settled in his career is a wonderful young lady. She really seems to care about my son and that’s important to me. 

I’m heading out tomorrow at the crack o’dawn to get to Ft. Lauderdale for the kiddo’s graduation from college. He has earned an architecture degree with honors.  Talk about a proud mom moment.

As to # 2 son, he’s too young to be choosing a bride but I’ll keep up that prayer for a good girl for him as well.

One of the things I really hope for with my kids is that they will find their way to happiness whatever that entails and wherever it takes them in this big, wide, wonderful world.  Here’s #1 son and his girl!

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  1. Lavada Dee says:

    As a mom, I know exactly what you say and your concerns. I had a great mom and though entirely different a wonderful mother-in-law. They are both gone, at least physically, but they’ll always be close.

    Great picture. Thanks for sharing this proud moment.


    • Thanks Lavada. I wish my Mother in law had given me a chance but she never could get past that I married her baby. The child that she had at age 45.

      My mom is still here and we have a great relationship. – Most of the time- LOL!


  2. danicaavet says:

    Ah, they’re a cute couple! Congrats to son #2 for graduating with honors! Yay!

    After seeing a lot of um, in-law interactions through the years, I’ve made up my mind that if I ever marry, I’m marrying an orphan. I know that’s horrible, but I’m not one for drama and crap like that. 😉


  3. Lynn Rush says:

    Very cute couple . Great post!


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    Congratulations on #1 graduating so well! That’s a very good omen for his future. And an early Happy Mother’s Day to you! Um, just one question. Does the girlfriend read your blog? Are you letting some pre-proposal cat out of the bag? lol


    • LOL! No, I’m not letting anything out of the bag- she knows it’s coming when he gets out of grad school. He’s been very clear about that. He wants to have landed a job as a professional before he goes the marriage route.

      Happy mother’s day to you as well!


  5. I had a mother-in-law from hell also. Wanted to be called “Mrs. X”…not her first name, not mom, or any other type of nickname. Nope. Mrs. “X” One Sunday I remember being at her house and she didn’t speak directly to me, instead she would ask the other DIL to ask me to do such and such.


    • Yes, I called my MIL by Mrs. C til she died. Everyone, and I mean everyone, but me, was allowed to call her Miss Grace. And yeah, I got the same treatment you did. She actually told me once that when her son married me, it was like he died. I was aghast!

      Thanks for popping in, Cyndi!


  6. jeff7salter says:

    Sorry I’m late to your post …not sure where the day went (besides washed away with rain).
    Your prospective daughter-in-law is CUTE!

    I had a wonderful mother-in-law for nearly 40 years … until her death this past July.
    And I knew her for many years before I married her daughter.
    She always treated me wonderfully and was very appreciative of my efforts for/with her — as well as deeply appreciating my love for her daughter and our kids.
    We got along great and she read two of my six novel manuscripts. I modeled a character in my third ms. on her and she loved that character!

    In those entire 40 yrs. there were only brief moments of strife. Those nearly always centered on my need to know WHEN things (like meals … but not only meals) were going to occur … when we visited at her household. However, she believed the men in her family should just sit and wait until things (like meals) happened. Unfortunately, with my personality, that created a sense that I was forfeiting my valuable time because I couldn’t start anything (or go anywhere or do anything) because I didn’t know if their acitivities would begin in two minutes or two hours.
    One time — one single time — when I asked when supper was going to be ready — because I wanted to know if I’d have time to do something — she told me to sit down and hush. I responded rather heatedly, that I had to have some predictability for the day’s events … it stressed me to simply wait for things to happen and never know how much time would be involved.
    I think she understood, finally. I was evidently the only person who had ever questioned her matriarchal control of her household goings-on.

    When I look back over those nearly 40 years and see that we had only a handful of misunderstandings, I’m very aware of how fortunate I was. My mom-in-law was a gem and I frequently told that to people; I also told her so.

    I’ll have a few things to say about my MOTHER … in my blog on Thursday.


    • Sounds like your mother in law was kind but iron willed. LOL! I’m glad you had a good relationship with her. My own mother and my spouse have a good relationship- I just hate that Mrs. C never gave me a chance at all- she was determined not to like me- It was one of the few times in my life that I wasn’t able to at least make some inroad with someone but she was staunch in her dislike. Sad, really, when you think about it. She passed away while I was pregnant with #1 son and I can only hope she would’ve mellowed some toward me when he was born but I’ll never know. Be glad you had a good one!!


  7. Daisy Harris says:

    In-laws. *Sigh* Ooooooooh, in-laws.

    And that is all I have to say on the topic.

    🙂 Daisy


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