Nobody puts Baby in the corner

Okay, I have to say, Dirty Dancing is up there on the list of favorite movies. And since we’re talking about couples on the blog this week, I had to bring them up.

Baby and Johnny.


That last dance…Oh yum.

I just love their kind of love story. I mean, it’d be better if one of them had some kind of super power or if one of them wasn’t quite human—just kidding.

While I love the paranormal romances, every once in a while a “normal” romance does it for me. I loved the chemistry between these two.

Okay, I had to find the famous clip….

But of course I couldn’t find one I could embed here, so if you CLICK HERE you can see the best part of the movie!


Have a great day, everyone.

Your Friday Fox,

Lynn Rush

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New York Times/USA Today bestselling author, chocolate addict & ultra runner. Agent: Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency
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4 Responses to Nobody puts Baby in the corner

  1. My favorite scene is the one in his cabin where she tells him she’s afraid she’ll never feel the way she does again and then they dance. I love this movie and even though I own it, if it’s on tv, I’ll watch it again. Great choice, Lynn.


  2. danicaavet says:

    Great pick, Lynn. Okay, this is one “chick flick” I will watch. You’re right, Baby and Johnny are a great couple. They had such chemistry and were against the odds for any kind of relationship to develop. Excellent pick!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I watched this film when my daughter was in about jr. h.s. but the only reason I watched it was because she loved it so much. I found it a little ‘stupid’ — sorry … don’t throw rocks. I figured if these young people had to entertain those boorish seasonal ‘regulars’ all day and evening, that when they were off-duty they would NOT spend those hours ‘dirty dancing’. I figure they’d be drinking or napping or rolling the hay — whatever.
    All that said, I did like the girl — Cynthia something — who gets preggers. She was later in a movie with Tom Selleck about a futuristic police team.
    By the way, after ‘Baby’ got her face reconstruction, she looks terrible (to me). She was on a dancing show last year.


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