Point of View and Leprechauns

I decided to make light of this subject and illustrate several points of view. Imagine a rainbow arcing over the sky; heck, let’s make it a double rainbow. Imagine a leprechaun, an old man, a child with ADHD and a sexy blonde chick. They are all on a public road that runs along the edge of a park. Heck, let’s make it Central Park in NYC. The old man is a cabbie, the kid is on his bicycle and the sexy blonde is a passenger in the taxi. Of course, the leprechaun is the leprechaun.

As the cab approaches Columbus Circle, a double rainbow appears in the sky. The sexy blonde gasps at the beauty of the sight. “Pull over, driver. I want to chase that rainbow.” He pulls over to the curb. She leaps out of the vehicle and kicks off her Manolo Blahniks. She dashes across Strawberry Fields where a lone dude is playing “Imagine” on his acoustic guitar. As she runs past with her skirt pulled up around her thighs, she thinks about all the Gucci bags she can buy. Oh God, I’m going to be so rich, I’ll be able to stop being a trophy wife and spend more than my allowance. Gotta find the end of that rainbow.

I have to stop driving crazy women in my cab. She jumped out and didn’t pay me. Something about a rainbow. I can see it, but is there really an end? Is there really a pot of gold there? Heck, I’m just chasing this woman for my fare money. But, what if there is gold at the end of the rainbow? If there’s gold in this park, lead me to it.

The boy rode his bike through the park. He had attention deficit disorder and was easily distracted. He saw a barefooted woman run across the park with a man chasing after her. He looked up at the sky and saw a double rainbow. He turned his bicycle toward where he thought the end might be and pedaled like a mad man towards it. Before he got too far, he saw an albino pigeon and forgot all about leprechauns and rainbows.

The leprechaun sat on Bow Bridge, swung his legs over the water and cackled in joy. These nuts would never find his gold.

What points of view did I use for each character? Can you write an ending for these poor souls? In each one’s POV?

photo by mlattari

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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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25 Responses to Point of View and Leprechauns

  1. danicaavet says:

    I’m not up to the challenge this morning, m’dear. I’ll be lucky if I can grind out some words in my WIP, but great idea, LOL. And of course you incorporated Leprechauns in the post 😉


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Okay, Jillian … I can’t resist a challenge.
    1. The blonde — on her way toward the rainbow’s presumed end, she notices the guitar player examining her Blahniks and she freaks. She forgets all about the rainbow and doubles back, shouting “9-1-1 … 9-1-1”, lest he steal her expensive shoes. Instead, the musician whacks her head with his guitar, knocks her out, and runs off with her heels.
    2. The old cabbie is arrested by cops, who were nearby and heard ‘9-1-1’, because they thought he was attacking the blonde. They had to Taze him because he wouldn’t stop yakking about his money. Unfortunately, he had a heart-attack before they could get him booked at the station.
    3. The ADHD boy remained focused on the albino pigeon until he saw a busted guitar on the ground next to a blonde woman. He took the guitar home.
    4. The leprechaun ambled over to the blonde woman and stared at her bare thighs until the police ran him off and threatened to arrest him for vagrancy.


  3. tonilynncloutier says:

    Third person POV?!! Love the blonde’s POV…too funny!!


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    I’ll never top Jeff’s endings. Well done there, hound! And what a fun post. It’s amazing how different a scene can look depending on the pov. Thanks for a fun post to wake up to this morning, Jililan!


  5. Darlene says:

    Maybe after work I’ll see what I can do as far as endings but this post was great fun and a wonderful examples of POV. Great Job Jillian.


  6. Great set up, Jillian. I love it!

    But thank heavens you don’t have to depend on me to sort it out! Sorry to chime in late, so frazzled by the Energizer g-kid it affects how I see things— and how I write.

    If I had to tie it up at this exact moment, the POV would be so convoluted as to be tortured. lol I’d resort to a completely separate character named Francois, recently broken up with his blond girlfriend, who’d wake up under the City Park bridge in the late afternoon after a night of cab-hopping and carousing in the strip clubs. Hoping it’d all been acase of incorporating things into his dreams, he’d be left rubbing his pounding head and aching stomach, unsure which was what, and wondering where the numbered race placard and bicycle treadmarks across his Fighting Irish t-shirt came from. At that exact moment he would be certain of only two things: the white stuff in his hair was from the pidgeons squatted on the bridge railing above him, and he’d never again buy Irish Stew cooked by a man with an Italian accent and bad shoes.


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