The New Kid on the Block

First, I’d like to thank the rest of the foxes and our hound for welcoming me aboard and to wish Daisy the best in her future endeavors.

 I have to admit, I’m a little nervous.  I feel like it’s my first day at a new school and the cool kids just invited me to sit at their lunch table.  Gosh, I really hope I don’t squirt ketchup on myself.  Or worse, someone else!  OMG, did that cute guy on the Thursday blog just wink at me?  *Blushes*

 I’m Micki Gibson and I’m the new kid on the block who writes contemporary young adult fiction.  While on a stroll through your local Barnes and Noble, you might think the only thing out there in YA land are vampires, werewolves, and zombies, and dystopias, but look on the other side of that YA aisle.  That’s where you’ll find plenty of other YA goodness if paranormal isn’t your bag.  I’m one of those contemporary gals.  I hope to one day join the ranks of Laurie Halse Anderson, Sarah Dessen, and the one I fondly think of as the mother of YA, Judy Blume.

 What made me decide to write for teens?  I’m one of those weird people who actually like them and all the chaos that goes along with that exciting, scary, and erratic time of a person’s life.  I’m a former high school math teacher and if there’s one thing I learned about my students, it was to never assume they know everything.  (“What do you mean you never learned area and perimeter of a rectangle back in eighth grade?!”)  But even more importantly, never underestimate what they do know.  My students constantly impressed me with how honest and insightful they could be when they were passionate about something.  Another reason I want to write for teens is that I have a bit of Peter Pan Syndrome…I don’t want to grow up.

 Well, I think I heard the lunch bell (one of my own kids wanting to be fed) and I soooooo can’t be late to my next class (bills to pay), so I’d better run.  Wait…better walk.  I don’t want to trip and spill my lunch tray.  I think that cute Thursday blog guy is still watching me.  Catch you next time at the lunch table!

About Micki Gibson

Young Adult fiction writer
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8 Responses to The New Kid on the Block

  1. Uh, Micki- I think you sat in some gum- might want to take care of that –

    Welcome to the world of the foxes and hound. Glad to have you here, even though we’re sad to let Ms. Daisy go.


  2. Lavada Dee says:

    Micki, I loved your post. I thought I was the only one that referred to me and my family as having the Peter Pan syndrome. Wonderful affliction by the way.

    I too enjoy teenagers, enjoyed ours and am now enjoying the grandkids. My first exposure to YA was The Twilight series. Read the first book and went for it. Our then fifteen old grandson was reading them and was just ahead of me (for awhile, I caught up). One rewarding experience was in a local Costco store. I always ALWAYs scan the books and there was a teenager there. We got to talking about the latest Twilight book, her mother seemed amazed at how animated and open the young lady was. I asked her if she read them and she said no. Sad because Mike and I have really enjoyed conservations around books he’s reading. Something that I hope carries over into adulthood.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Glad you liked it, Lavada. I remember when my students told me about JK Rowling’s website. (Authors have websites?! Who knew?) Oh, the conversations we had about Harry Potter and what not. Books truly can be the bridge between generations.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Welcome aboard, Micki. Sorry I missed this yesterday. I saw Daisy’s farewell, but didn’t see your hello. [ Pause to adjust glasses ]
    High school math teacher? I was one of those ( ? few ? ) students who loved math and I had great techers for Alg I, Geom., Alg II, and Trig. I still use Alg & Geom a lot more than I stop and realize. I have to tip my hat to someone who willingly goes into noisy halls and frenetic classrooms with the intent of imparting useful knowledge.

    Among the dozens of novel ‘starts’ and ‘concepts’ I’ve logged-in, sev. are *telling* me that they should be YA. But I’ve never written for that audience before … so perhaps I’ll pick up some useful tips from consorting with you here.
    So, settle in, make yourself comfortable, and feel welcomed.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      OMG! The cute Thursday blog guy just noticed me! Do I still have gum on my butt?

      In all seriousness, thanks for the welcome, Jeff! I don’t claim to be the Supreme Knower of All Things YA, but I’m happy to help with sharing what knowledge I do have on those loveable teens (or meddling kids…depending on whether you side with the Scooby-Doo gang or Old Man Whithers).


  4. danicaavet says:

    Hey Micki! I don’t know how I missed this yesterday…It might’ve been because that cute nerdy boy sat next to me *fans herself* However, I want to welcome you to the blog! You’ll have fun here, I think 🙂


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Thanks Danica! I’m kind of partial to cute nerdy guys. You know, the ones who own multiple copies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and has watched every second of the entire DVD collection of it? Oh, and we can’t forget Star Wars either.


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