“Evidence of Murder” A Mystery/Police Procedural

I like to read mysteries and thrillers. I’ve been a mystery hound since I learned to read. I picked up a book by Lisa Black when I was in South Fla for my son’s graduation. The book happened to be the second in a series but I never felt like I had to have read the first one to enjoy this one. It was a good read but it had what experts call a saggy middle.

The story started off well and moved pretty fast for a while. Then, it seemed to get bogged down. I found that it was easy to put it down and do other things. I usually read books quickly but this one took several days because it dragged for a while. Once I got about 3/4 of the way through it, the pace picked up and then it became one that I didn’t want to put down. 

The writer is a forensic scientist and that is very clear by the level of her writing of the scenes dealing with the protagonist in the lab and as she gathers evidence. I got pretty annoyed at the protagonist at some of the bone-headed things she did but it did make for an interesting read.  One thing I enjoyed was the camaraderie of the protagonist with her cousin, the detective. I also appreciated that the author didn’t have the protagonist get over the death of her fiance too easily. 

All in all, I recommend this book. It had a unique murder method, made good use of the video game culture of this country, had a likeable but exasperating heroine, as well as what seems to be a wonderful new love interest in the wings.  I have to say that I give it an 8 out of 10 on the Jillian scale.

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10 Responses to “Evidence of Murder” A Mystery/Police Procedural

  1. danicaavet says:

    I’m not much of a mystery reader. I might give this a peek though. Video game culture? Sounds interesting.


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Sounds interesting.
    Had to chuckle at the comment “saggy middle” since I have one of those also. Ha.

    Have you, by any chance, read “Cold Case” by Stephen White? It, too, has some flaws, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Like the one you highlight here, Cold Case was a follow-up in a series. The author brought in some characters he’d used before. In Cold Case, I DID find it bothersome not to have read the first one (or two) in that ‘series’. Evidently Lisa Black handled it better.


    • As I get older, I find myself with an increasingly saggy middle, Jeff. LOL

      I have not read “Cold Case.” I won’t now since I would need to read the others first. I’ve never tried this guy but since you enjoyed him, I might get the first one and check it out and then work my way to “Cold Case” – thanks for the recommendation.


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    I haven’t read a mystery in quite a while. Maybe it’s time to pick one up again. I’ve enjoyed them when I’ve read them, so thanks for the reminder.


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    Sounds like another book to add to one of my To Be Read piles. (Namely, one not located next to my bed which threatens to topple over and kill me in my sleep.) Mystery/suspense novels are in my top three of genre faves (joining YA and Contemporary romance).


  5. Lavada Dee says:

    I a huge fan of Harlan Cobens and just read Caught. It’s darn near perfect no sagging anything.


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