Being A Fangirl

Hey y’all, Hump Day Fox here. Instead of  doing a book review, I’d like to talk about being a fangirl of some amazing authors.

I’ve mentioned before that I have so many favorite authors, I can hardly remember them all at once. There are a few who stick out and I’ll list them for you just in case you’re looking for a new romance author. Before I get to that though, let me explain about fangirldom.

Being a fangirl isn’t about being a rabid fan. At least, it isn’t for me. You won’t see me digging in Kresley Cole’s garbage can looking for a souvenir. It does mean if I know she’s going to be at a book signing. I’m there with my camera, my questions, and a big, goofy smile.

As a writer, I’ll say nothing feels better than receiving an e-mail from someone who’s read my books and wanted me to know how much. Or to see that they posted a review on Amazon or Goodreads. It’s like getting a hug from a complete stranger (and not in a creepy way). So for readers who want to do a good turn for their favorite authors, e-mail them, write a review, or just blog about how awesome  you think they are.

And no, I’m not doing this so I can get super secret insider information on any of the upcoming works of the following authors *cough*

Paranormal Romance. This is a huge field and if you’re a fan, you’ll recognize most of the names. Hopefully there are some you haven’t heard of and will go out and get their books now.

Kresley Cole (Immortals After Dark)
J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood/Fallen Angels)
Nalini Singh (Psy-Changlings/Guild Hunters)
Shelly Laurenston/G.A. Aiken (Pride series/Dragons)
Gena Showalter (Lords of the Underworld/Alien Huntress)
Hannah Howell (Wherlockes)
Alyssa Day (Atlantis)
Alexandra Ivy (Guardians)
Lora Leigh (Breed Novels)
Marjorie Liu (Dirk & Steele)
Kaitlyn O’Connor (Cyborg Nation/sci-fi/futuristic erotica)
Madelaine Montague (Shifter novels)
Lorann Dohner (Futuristic/Sci-fi erotica)

Historical Romance. There are tons and tons of great authors in this genre, but I’m only picking absolute favorites, so here you go:

Mary Balogh (Regency)
Jo Beverly (Georgian, Regency)
Julia Quinn (Regency)
Sabrina Jefferies (Regency)
Elizabeth Hoyt (Georgian) EXCELLENT
Kate Pearce (Erotic historicals)
Sharon Page (Erotic historicals)
Teresa Medeiros (Historical, Contemporary, and Historical)

Contemporary Romance. I don’t read many contemporaries, but the ones I do come across are always great and there are many I’m looking forward to.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Chicago Stars)
Jaci Burton (Erotica)
Janet Evanovich (Stephanie Plum series)
Jennifer Crusie
Robin Kaye
Catherine Anderson (Westerns both Contemporary & Historical)
Suzanne Brockmann (SEAL books)
Olivia Cunning (Sinners on Tour)
Christina Dodd (Historical, Paranormal, and Contemporary)

I’m sure I’m missing a lot, but these are just a few of my favorites. Have you read any of these authors? Who would you add to the list?


About danicaavet

Danica Avet lives and writes in the wilds of South Louisiana. Unmarried with no children, she's the proud pet of two cats and a dog. With a BA in History, she decided there were enough fry cooks in the world and tried her hand at writing. Danica loves losing herself in the antics of her characters and blushes more often than not at the things they do. She likes to define her work as paranormal romance with a touch of Cajun spice, but most times her characters turn the notch up to "five-alarm fire"!
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12 Responses to Being A Fangirl

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Gosh, Danica … I’m batting 0 for 30 in this poll. There only a few names I’ve even heard of before. [I don’t get out much]. My wife has read all of Steph. Plum and sometimes reads out the funniest parts to me.
    Otherwise, I’m drawing a blank.
    But I like your phrasing “big goofy smile” and hugs from creepy strangers. LOL


  2. That’s some list you have there, Missy!! I’m familar mostly with the historical names. I read those but not much paranormal. I’ve read one Shelley Laurenson novella because it was in one that my friend Cynthia Eden was in and I read all three in the volume, I’m afraid I donn’t read much straight romance- and I know that sounds weird but I like a little suspense or mystery in my romances, so I gravitate to those writers.


    • danicaavet says:

      I’m not much for mysteries. Most of the time I figure out who the bad guy is before the end of the book and I spend the entire time frustrated that no one else figured it out! Romance is so much easier for me to handle. I just have to wait for the couple to figure out they belong together, or for them to overcome whatever problem keeps them apart and I’m happy. LOL

      I completely forgot to add Kerrlyn Sparks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lori Foster, Anne Gracie, and tons of others. Remember, I did say 650 books and most of them are series, lol


  3. Micki Gibson says:

    As if my To Be Read pile isn’t big enough already! I’m trying to get through the Rita nominees’ books before national. And I’m right there with you on that not-quite-creepy fangirldom. I’d hate for someone considering getting a restraining order on me!


    • danicaavet says:

      Micki, let me just mention that last year at Nationals, I saw that two of my favorite authors were there. I was across the room when I realized and I kid you not, I leapt across the room…as non-graceful as a gazelle. I might’ve kicked a couple of boxes out of my way, but I didn’t tell them they had pretty hair and that I wanted to be their best friend. It was hard to bite my tongue but…that would’ve been creepy 😉


  4. Lynn Rush says:

    Kresley Cole and Gene Showalter, baby!!!!!!


  5. Lavada Dee says:

    We share some favorites in the Contemporary genre. I’m a huge fan of Catherine Anderson. I read her debut book and was hooked. Haven’t read a story of hers I didn’t like REALLY like.

    You made some good points about letting authors know. They are lucky to have a fan like you.


    • danicaavet says:

      Lavada, I’m currently re-reading her Coulter series…well, I suppose it would now be the Harrigans *frown* She so makes me want to move to Oregon to find a cowboy, LOL


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