Hot Summer Days!!

Happy Summer- I believe today is actually the first day of summer but it’s been as hot as Hades with the heat index at 107 here in Pensacola for a while now. I’m digging this contest as a cool way to celebrate the heat. We have some great prizes from that $75.00 gift card to autographed books as well as a tote bag to carry all your goodies in. Danica has donated three of her books and a mask, Lynn, Micki and Jeff have donated the gift card and Lynn also will be donating a digital copy of her book to  be released in September.  I’ve donated a book, Solo Honeymoon, and the shoe charm that goes along with it. There’s a Surfer Bride tote bag, suntan lotion and a live, love surf magnet as well as a magnet symbolizing the book I have out July 15 from Desert Breeze Publishing- the book is called Redemption for the Devil and it’s a historical set on the RMS Mauretania. I wish I had a cover to share, but it’s still in production.  I’m attaching the book trailer here for your perusal if you’d like to see it.

Earn some entries to this contest by popping by and checking out my page at Siren-Bookstrand and coming back and leaving me a comment about one of the excerpts or my author questions over there (to prove you read it- LOL- let’s make this one worth 5 points), being my friend on facebook, 2 entries for subscribing to this blog, subscribing to my personal blog, leaving a comment here about your summer vacation plans, comment on my personal blog, following me on Twitter or tweeting this post. AND if you happen to have read one of my books, you can earn 10 entries by posting a review on Amazon. So, there ya go- 23 chances to win today.  AND just for good measure, if you own one of my books and email me a picture of you holding it, you can earn 20 more entries.  Email me at

Here are the links to all these places:!/JillianChantal!/jillian.chantal

Remember the contest is open to be shipped in the USA only


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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22 Responses to Hot Summer Days!!

  1. danicaavet says:

    Okay, now I feel like a total miser, only giving five points total *sniff* 😉

    By the way, the mask will have to be mail separately from everything else since I don’t want it to get smashed.


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Wow, any reader who meets today’s stipulations will almost certainly win the booty.
    Great marketing, Jillian.


  3. Fran McNabb says:

    Jullian, I can’t wait to read REDEMPTION FOR THE DEVIL. See you in NY!


  4. wyndwhisper says:

    okay, i am subscribed to both this and your blog/friended on FB/read both excerpts at bookstrand(i would have slapped him too)/ and loved this question as my baby sister(she’s32 now) got her name this way,Q: What’s something quirky aboutJillian? A: My name. It’s a pen name. A combination of the middle names my sons would have had if they’d been girls.

    as for vacation this year i am not planning anything yet but i live close to the coast in Oregon so we will likely go there a couple of weekends. i think this makes 15 points but i could be wrong.


  5. jude urbanski says:

    Awesome way to celebrate summer solstice! Love your ideas.
    Jude Urbanski


  6. Summer plans – well here in Tallahassee – much like in Pensacola, I need to hibernate from the heat. It if is in the 100s now, what is it going to be like in August – yuk! So my summer plans are to sit indoors and spend time following my passion – reading and then reviewing at


  7. Laurie Ryan says:

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve got one day of sunshine–today–in amongst a whole bunch of grayness and some drizzle and rain. So I’ve been outside enjoying it as much as possible. 🙂 This sounds like a fun contest!


  8. Casey Crow says:

    I’m dying to read Surfer Bride since you said I look like the girl on the cover – minus the perky butt uplifted to airbrush perfection! LOL. Great post and give-aways Jillian. Thanks! Hate I’m missing out next week at RWA, but I know you’ll have the best time ever! So excited you are going!


  9. Okay so I was able to subscribe to this blog to get those points =) Summer Plans…hmmmm…. other than trying to stay cool. I’d really like o get some writing done and I will be finishing the summer off at my favorite place on Earth, Atlanta Motor Speedway on Labor Day Weekend. Looks like you foxes are having fun with this contest can’t wait to see what the rest of the foxes and the hound come up with here.


  10. Deborah says:

    Pensacola is my hometown! I really miss the beach, but not the heat! Living in Seattle for the last decade has robbed me of that special ability to withstand heat and humidity that Pensacolians have! 🙂 I noticed that your books are set in Ireland–I’m going there for the first time this fall! Am super excited. OK, I’ll go follow you on Twitter now. 🙂


    • Hey there, fellow Pensacolian. I know you can relate to how I’m melting right now, LOL! I hope you have a ball in Ireland. I only have one book partially set there but I love the British Isles as a whole and try to put some of one of the areas in each book. Thanks for the comment and the follow!! POINTS!!


  11. JoAnna B says:

    Ok, let’s see what I’ve done…
    Summer plans – we’ll be spending 2 weeks in Ocean City MD in August. Other than that just maybe weekend trips to the in-laws on the other side of PA.
    Sent a friend request on FB..
    I do love the question about how you got your pen name. It’s fun to tell your kids, if you had been a girl you would have been…
    I subscribe to this blog and I tried to subscribe to your blog but I couldn’t figure it out. 😦
    I left a comment on your personal blog.
    I follow you one twitter and tweeted.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t read nor do I own any of your books. The excerpts sound really great!
    Did I cover everything? I hope so!


    • You did great- way to rack up the points!! I have given you points for trying to subscribe to the personal blog. Can’t figure out the issue as I can see the button to do it, but I’m giving you credit!! Thanks for the tweet, too. I saw it. I’m glad you liked my excerpts.


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