OMG! It’s time for RWA and New York City!

Come on.  You know this one.  Sing with me.  (Or at least sing loud enough to cover up my attempt at singing.)

“Start spreading the news.  I’m leaving today.  I want to be a part of it. New York!  NEW YOOOOORRRRK!”

I keep picturing that scene in “Madagascar” with Alex the lion and Marty the zebra.  Maybe it’s because I just got off a cruise yesterday which has a partnership with Dreamworks and my kids watched every animated movie they showed on the ship.  Anyhow, I must be crazy to do two major trips back to back, but you know what?  I love that kind of insanity.  Last year, RWA was smack in the middle of my move from Texas to Florida.  It was my first time at the national conference and I was so excited.  I met real authors and people who I’d only met online.  The workshops were fantastic and I still haven’t read all of the books I collected from the book signings.  This year I’m even more excited if you can believe that’s possible.  I’m on the board of the Young Adult Chapter of RWA (YARWA – Say it like a pirate!) and we’ve got a great event planned for Wednesday evening.  Can you say SOLD OUT?  And this is only our second year as an official chapter.

And what other event can you attend that lasts only 4 days but requires at least 9 pairs of shoes?  Shoes to pitch in.  Shoes for the Golden Heart and Rita Awards Ceremony.  Shoes that start conversations.  Shoes which only match the killer outfit you bought for the event three months ago.  Shoes to slip on after the killer outfit shoes murder your feet.  Shoes for your early morning jog in Central Park.  Shoes which slip on and off easily for going through airport security.  Shoes you buy after you get toNew York Citywhere department stores dedicate an entire floor to fabulous shoes.  And shoes which don’t care how much weight a certain someone gained on the cruise because they still fit.

This is only my second RWA national conference, but I feel like I’ve been invited to hang out with 2000 of the coolest kids.  Hope to see you there!


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3 Responses to OMG! It’s time for RWA and New York City!

  1. jeff7salter says:

    There were times in my life when I did quite a bit more traveling than I do these days … and I NEVER liked having to turn right around and go somewhere else. I’ve always needed time to transition, decompress … whatever.
    But it sounds like it suits you.
    Have a great time!


  2. Lavada Dee says:

    Have a good time. My critique partner is leaving tonight and I’m picking up on her excitement. Yours has added it to it.


  3. GIRL!! We will be hitting that Macy’s floor and a half of shoes- hope you have room to bring some back amidst all the books and swag!! Can’t wait- gonna be a blast and I think I’ll be seeing Lavada’s crit partner if it’s who I think it is- LOL!


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