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Fathers . . .

My Dad. Wow. I don’t even know where to start on this other than to say he’s my hero. I get my love of endurance sports from him. He was a marathon runner for nearly 30 years. Has run them … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

                               Tribute to My Father (1920-2003)                                                     By Jeff Salter              So many things to say about my father, but probably the framework for everything is that his own dad died about two months before he was born … and his … Continue reading

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The Tomboy

My mom frequently talks about what she expected when my sister and I were little. She figured my sister (who’s eight years older than me) would be her tomboy, while I would be her little princess. That didn’t happen. Oh … Continue reading

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The Brunette Princess

This is a tale of two daughters, one blonde, one brunette. The blonde was born first and came out of the womb as a petite, pink and rosy little bundle of joy. The brunette was born some 18 months later, … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Little Girl

With Father’s Day being next Sunday, I started thinking about dads in young adult fiction.  Unless he’s a total jerk, abusive, or otherwise larger than life and causing conflict for the teen protagonist, most dads present tend to lurk in … Continue reading

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The Neon Graveyard

Okay, so I have to mention one of my favorite authors just had a release on May 31st. Vicki Pettersson. It’s the final in her Signs of the Zodiac series. You HAVE to check her out. I just started reading … Continue reading

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Favorite author and a genre that I love

          Who Are You Trying to Kid, Billy Shakespeare?                                            By Jeff Salter              I enjoy Shakespeare’s plays and I love fast-paced comedies.  There’s my author and genre.  And this is a review … of sorts.             I hadn’t correctly … Continue reading

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Being A Fangirl

Hey y’all, Hump Day Fox here. Instead of  doing a book review, I’d like to talk about being a fangirl of some amazing authors. I’ve mentioned before that I have so many favorite authors, I can hardly remember them all … Continue reading

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“Evidence of Murder” A Mystery/Police Procedural

I like to read mysteries and thrillers. I’ve been a mystery hound since I learned to read. I picked up a book by Lisa Black when I was in South Fla for my son’s graduation. The book happened to be the … Continue reading

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The New Kid on the Block

First, I’d like to thank the rest of the foxes and our hound for welcoming me aboard and to wish Daisy the best in her future endeavors.  I have to admit, I’m a little nervous.  I feel like it’s my … Continue reading

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