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What a fun topic this week. Reading all these posts has me fanning myself. Gosh, it’s so difficult for me to pick a movie, really. I mean, I LOVED: I Am Number Four, SALT, Avatar….I don’t watch really hot movies. … Continue reading

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Hottest Books & Movies — Flashback

                           Flashback to Juvenile Infatuations                                                      By Jeff Salter              I’m dodging a bullet here.  It’s a bit unseemly for a gentleman to reveal his most sizzling experience with a book or a film — even if that gentleman is … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Can Be Hot

So we’re talking about our favorite, hottest movies. Um, I don’t watch that many movies, honestly. And the books I read…well, let’s just say that there are too many really hot ones for me to pick out a favorite…although if … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer- Hottest Movie Scenes

I’m going to talk about two movies, two scenes, that go down as pretty hot in my opinion. These movies are from before what I call the modern era of lots of nudity – these were hot when hot wasn’t … Continue reading

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Hottest Concert

Sorry I’m a bit late on today’s post.  I’m blaming it on the heat overloading my brain waves.  Today’s post is supposed to be on the hottest book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen, but I couldn’t choose, so I … Continue reading

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It’s About The Book….

On the heels of talking about rejection, talking about critiques and reviews seems fitting. Because if you let it, a poor review or harsh critique will feel like rejection. Don’t let it.  Really, the reviews or critiques aren’t personal. Sure, … Continue reading

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Guest Fox: Sarah Ballance

                                         By Jeff Salter              I first encountered Sarah on her reviewing site after Renee Vincent thanked her on Facebook for the wonderful review of Raeliksen.  I must have made a comment about the review – don’t actually remember – … Continue reading

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The Fear in Exposure

I remember reading a blog by Tawna Fenske about exposing  yourself. No, not that kind of exposing. It’s exposing yourself as a writer. The whole point of writing is to have others read your work, or it should be, but it’s one … Continue reading

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Reviews- Shudder

I’m a bit nervous this week as my latest book came out last Friday. It’s the first historical novel I’ve written to be published and I just know the historical police are coming to haul me off. I’m sure I’ve … Continue reading

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The Heat of the Critique

It’s mid-July in Florida which means hot and humid.  Last week I talked about rejections and how much they sting, but a bad critique burns.  Shoot, even the good critiques can be tough.  The first time I had something critiqued … Continue reading

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