Hottest Concert

Sorry I’m a bit late on today’s post.  I’m blaming it on the heat overloading my
brain waves.  Today’s post is supposed to be on the hottest book I’ve read or movie I’ve seen, but I couldn’t choose, so I may be subjecting myself to a flogging from the other foxes and the hound for doing this, but I’m going with the hottest concert by my favorite band, Bon Jovi.

One year ago today, I left San Antonio to move to Florida.  Two days prior to this, I flew up to Louisville, Kentucky just to catch a Bon Jovi show.  (Okay, so I had a friend in another band also playing at the same music festival, but still…)  I’m not one of those delusional, take-out-a-restraining-order-on-you kind of fans, and I know it was crazy to go
with a major move just days away, but I’d known about that concert for months.  And well, with a friend who had a backstage pass available for me, how could I not go?

Talk about scorching!  Louisville held its own with Florida and Texas in both heat and humidity.  Whereas I sweat like most mere mortals, Jon Bon Jovi shines and glistens all god-like in that kind of soupy atmosphere.  If you consider his role as a dedicated husband, father and philanthropist, his hotness quotient skyrockets.  Not to mention that
his band puts on an amazing show.  And they do it without all the ritzy, glittery costumes and back up dancers.  (Cough, cough, Britney Spears, cough, cough, Lady Gaga.)  I don’t know how the band kept up their energy in such a draining heat, but they were fantastic.

So tell me, what’s the hottest concert you’ve attended?

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4 Responses to Hottest Concert

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Hey, I don’t mind a shift to the venue of music concerts.
    And, yes, I have a favorite. After my freshman year of college, in Aug or Sep of ’69, I went to what was called the New Orleans’ Pops Festival, though it was held way outside of N.O. proper.
    The headliners I saw were Janis Joplin, Country Joe and the Fish, Oliver, and others I can’t recall anymore. The Jefferson Airplane were scheduled but (supposedly) were busted for drugs at the airport.
    It was hot and the sun was awful. People were openly selling drugs and straight-laced me was all bug-eyed at the atmosphere. I saw one guy with long hair dressed in a toga thing like someone who’d been all the rage with some rock stars (can’t recall the name now) … and he was mixing acid with a bottle of wine. I was very glad I’d brought my own snacks. I was there on a double date and I shared.
    I even brought a scrap of a pup tent (called a ‘shelter half’ in the military) and rigged that so we could hunker beneath it and get out of the sun a little.
    We were WAAAYYY away from the stage, but my eyes were a lot better back then.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Wow! Janis Joplin! I bet your date was happy for the snacks and the pup tent too. There’s something about those outdoor concerts in the heat and/or rain. When the music is that awesome, you forget the weather and it simply becomes part of a great memory.


  2. Not a big concert goer- Claustrophobia Girl is not a big fan of crowds but the first concert I ever went to was Three Dog Night with T-Rex as the opening act. That was fantastic for an 8th grader. LOL!


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Why is everyone else’s first concert so much cooler than mine? And I would have never dreamed of asking my parents if I could go to a concert in 8th grade…unless it was my junior high band concert.


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