Dog Days of Summer- Hottest Movie Scenes

I’m going to talk about two movies, two scenes, that go down as pretty hot in my opinion. These movies are from before what I call the modern era of lots of nudity – these were hot when hot wasn’t really showing much flesh- well, let me qualify that- one of them showed flesh but in a subtle way. I know you’re probably saying, “Okay, Jillian, just get on with it already.” So, here goes. Oh, wait, one of these movies will annoy Danica, the Wednesday Fox, to no end because it annoys me and I’m not even a Cajun!  LOL!

The first movie is The Big Easy. Dennis Quaid has the most awful Cajun (and I use the term very, very loosely) accent in this movie. It makes me want to bite on railroad stakes but I really like the movie. Ellen Barkin is an uptight lawyer (imagine that!) and Dennis is a cop. She’s investigating his department for corruption. The scene where they make love is S-C-O-R-C-H-I-N-G.  Check it out. It’s perfect.  You just gotta get past that accent of his.

The other movie, interestingly enough, also has Ellen Barkin as the female lead. It’s Sea of Love with Al Pacino. And, of all things, he’s a cop. LOL!  Anyway, the scene where they are in his apartment and he grabs her to search her for a gun and then they make love against the wall is pretty wicked, too.  Check it out, too. 

So, cool off with two uber-hot movies in the dog days of summer!  By the way, I’m over at my publisher’s blog this week for 5 days (each day a different post)- pop in and comment for a chance to win a copy of my new release, Redemption for the Devil.

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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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11 Responses to Dog Days of Summer- Hottest Movie Scenes

  1. danicaavet says:

    The minute I saw it would annoy me, I knew which movie you were talking about because it drives. Me. Insane! *screech* Okay, I’m better now. Other than the fact that I really hated The Big Easy, I have seen it, but not the other. See? The whole movie watching thing…I don’t do it, LOL


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I’ve seen “Big Easy” — or most of it anyway. Oddly, I don’t remember a big love scene. LOL. But, like you, I HATED that fake accent. I mean, didn’t they have any local consultants on that film? Good grief.
    Don’t think I’ve seen “Sea of Love”.
    I’ve never been a big fan of Ellen Barkin, though she did a good job in a movie whose title escapes me at the moment. In the one I’m thinking of, Ellen was the cop. One of the other actresses was a lady who later starred in the Sopranos HBO series.


  3. Micki Gibson says:

    It’s been a long time, but I saw “The Big Easy.” I didn’t recall Dennis Quaid’s accent being awful, but then again, I don’t recall much about the movie EXCEPT that I was on a date with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. I haven’t seen “Sea of Love”, but I did see that one with Ellen Barkin and Jimmy Smits where she started off as his best friend who’s a major jerk to girls so his/her punishment is to become one. Now I have a craving to have an Ellen Barkin film festival. LOL!


    • Hey! Let’s do it. A film festival sounds fun. I own the Big Easy and Sea of Love. LOL!


      • Nancy Kay says:

        I don’t remember Big Easy, but anything with Dennis Quaid is worth checking out. Nowadays I’m not much of a movie buff, simply because they put more emphasis on car crashes, blood and gore, and weak story lines. Interesting happening….last night on ABC’s World News they asked which movie in history had the sadest scene. Of hand, I turned to my husband and said…’Old Yeller’. Well guess what….tonight they revealed the number once pick according to their poll. Yep, ‘Old Yeller’
        Do I know raw emotion when I see it or what??
        Just a little side bar….I love the excerpt from Redemption for the Devil.


        • I agree about the newer movies, Nancy- I love all the older ones much more. Real stories, real compelling action. I agree about Old Yeller. Glad you pegged that one right. I’m glad to hear that you like the excerpt. It was a fun book to write.


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