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Who Said History Is Boring

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my favorite classes. I alluded to a history professor who made history fun for me. So it should come as no surprise that he’s one of my favorite teachers. Dr. S was … Continue reading

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Favorite Teacher- Mrs. Mac

This one is hands down easy for me. My first grade teacher was Mrs. McGadney. I love, love, love her. She’s an amazing woman and so very brave. I didn’t even know it at the time, but she really was. … Continue reading

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Teaching Me a Thing Or Two

Last week my kiddos started school.  Naturally they’ve already formed an opinion about some of their teachers.  Generally speaking, I liked all of my teachers.  Sure there was probably a class or two I could have lived without, but I … Continue reading

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For life…

It’s funny how we’re talking about best school friends. My 20th class reunion was this month. I wasn’t able to attend but since Facebook has made its mark on the world, I almost felt like I was there with all the … Continue reading

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Best Friends …

                           Forever? … Or Just ‘For Now’?                                               By Jeff Salter             This week’s ‘best buddies’ topic brought back lots of fond memories.             But let me start with a clarification:  I never had a BF-F.  It may have been … Continue reading

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Those Friends

I was lucky in school. Junior high and high school and even college, I had the same best friend. You know, one of those friends. The ones you find and make damn sure you keep because no one else will … Continue reading

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Best Friend That Disappeared From My life Twice

I had tons of friends in high school – I knew everyone and they all knew me. Yeah, really, a school of about 2000 students and I knew them all. My sister graduated two years before me and whenever she … Continue reading

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