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Friday Funnies

Hey, everyone, it’s your Friday Fox, Lynn Rush. Today marks the last day of my month-long Wasteland blog tour. It’s be a lot of fun celebrating the release of my debut novel with everyone, but now I’m ready to settle … Continue reading

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                                                   … or Brain-Doldrums?                                                                By Jeff Salter              We’ve been in this group blog – my first experience, by the way – since Feb. 1st and every week we’ve had a theme of one kind or another.  All five … Continue reading

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Toga! Toga!

When I found out this week was a free-for-all, I had all sorts of wild ideas for today’s subject. I could talk about passive-aggressiveness! Or I could talk about oppositional defiance *raises her hand*. Or I could talk about writing … Continue reading

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Free-for-All; Melee; Set-To; Brouhaha; Fray; Ruckus; Donnybrook; Uproar

Yeah, weird title, I know. But when we saw we had no set topic for this week, one of our members said we could have a free-for-all and pick whatever we wanted to talk about this week. WOW, a free-for-all!  … Continue reading

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What A Feeling

As I’ve mentioned before, I was a baton twirler back in the day and on occasion, I still get asked to teach a camp or a private lesson or two.  It’s funny because I get a little nervous, worried that … Continue reading

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I’ve always been one who is a “by the rules” type person. I didn’t know any writing rules while penning my first novel (which will probably never see the light of day LOL.) And it showed. Seriously. The manuscript was … Continue reading

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Active versus Passive

                  A clue about what to write … was not available to me                                                             By Jeff Salter             Right off the bat, you’ll notice that my subtitle is a convoluted ‘passive’ version of “I didn’t have a clue what to … Continue reading

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Passive Aggressive

Uh, this post isn’t about passive aggressiveness, is it? Man! And I had a great analogy for that too (borrowed from Anger Management). I really don’t like blogging about the mechanics of writing because I don’t consider myself an expert. … Continue reading

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Active vs. Passive and Justice Stewart

Justice Potter Stewart, A United States Supreme court Justice who sat on the Court in the 1960s, said it best in the case of Jacobellis v. Ohio. He had a concurring opinion as he agreed in the result but not how the … Continue reading

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Power Up and Get Active

Write what you know.  Show, don’t tell.  Use active verbs, not passive verbs. Sounds familiar, huh?  I recall those words way back when in high school, maybe even middle school.  I had no clue then and a glance at any of … Continue reading

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