I’ve always been one who is a “by the rules” type person. I didn’t know any writing rules while penning my first novel (which will probably never see the light of day LOL.)

And it showed.

Seriously. The manuscript was horribly written. And mostly because there wasn’t a hint of any sort of rules or consistency.


In writing, it’s important to have rules as a guide. You need to have a basic understanding of them so you can grow as a writer. Get a good grasp on how to get your point across.

Because if you’re going to bend or break some rules, you have to have a firm grasp on them right?

**gasp** Did I say break the rules?

**nods head**

While you can’t break all of them, sometimes a little bending and infrequent breaking help define your voice. Your style.

But when is it okay to break the rules? And which rules?

Is there a rule for breaking the rules?



About Lynn Rush

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author, chocolate addict & ultra runner. Agent: Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency
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2 Responses to Rules….

  1. jeff7salter says:

    The main rule for successfully breaking rules is … don’t get caught.
    In the writing context, I think that means: it should not be overly noticeable by an interested reader. Sure a critic or reviewer might find it, but the person reading for enjoyment shouldn’t stumble over whatever rule we’ve ‘bent’ or broken.


  2. I love this- you rule breaker you!!! I like to break them, too and you’re right, as long as you know them, snap them in two!


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