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Passive Aggressive

Uh, this post isn’t about passive aggressiveness, is it? Man! And I had a great analogy for that too (borrowed from Anger Management). I really don’t like blogging about the mechanics of writing because I don’t consider myself an expert. … Continue reading

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Active vs. Passive and Justice Stewart

Justice Potter Stewart, A United States Supreme court Justice who sat on the Court in the 1960s, said it best in the case of Jacobellis v. Ohio. He had a concurring opinion as he agreed in the result but not how the … Continue reading

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Power Up and Get Active

Write what you know.  Show, don’t tell.  Use active verbs, not passive verbs. Sounds familiar, huh?  I recall those words way back when in high school, maybe even middle school.  I had no clue then and a glance at any of … Continue reading

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Anything to party…

Oh boy. I’m almost scared to admit the bad thing I did in high school…I mean, I look back and I’m like, “How could I have done that?” Yeah, well, hindsight’s 20/20 right? So, I wanted to hang with friends … Continue reading

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Breaking the Rules

                                        The Shadow Knows …                                                      By Jeff Salter             Recall early 1968:  burning draft cards, taking over college admin buildings, student revolutionary groups using bombs.  Now, consider my rather conservative high school:  minimal drugs and violence … no ‘demonstrations’ … Continue reading

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My Bad

So…bad behavior. I’m kind of like Micki and Jillian in that I was a pretty good kid. I didn’t get into trouble, most of the time because I had my nose shoved in a book. In high school, when my … Continue reading

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How Do You Tell Twins Apart?

The theme for this week was something we did bad in school and if we ever got caught. This was a very hard one for me because I was such an angel. I was focused on a career in law … Continue reading

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