Two Time Past NaNoWriMo Winner Here

This will be my third foray into NaNoWriMo and I hope to be able to say I’ve won for the 3rd time on November 30, 2011. My first NaNo project was 2009 and that story was published by Desert Breeze Publishing in July 2011- Lots of work and revisions went into it AFTER November 2009- it certainly wasn’t acceptable as first written.  The cover is on the side bar here. Redemption for the Devil was a definite book of my heart.

My second NaNo project is out on submission now. It has been with Harlequin Blaze for nine months and I got tired of waiting about 5 days ago and sent it out to another publisher. It’s called Tormented. It’s a biracial romantic suspense, heavy on the suspense, and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I hope to be announcing some news on it soon- (optimist, here).

This year, I’ll be working on Book Three of The Gambler’s Inheritance, a series under contract with Desert Breeze Publishing. I really need to  be polishing Book Two of that series to get it ready to turn in, but I can rock the word count faster on new and shiny than I can on polishing and editing- and besides, I have a New York trip in the midst of all the NaNo hoopla and it’ll be less stress to write a first draft.

Rock the word count, baby!


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8 Responses to Two Time Past NaNoWriMo Winner Here

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Wow. It’s clear that you’ve done wonderful things with your NaNo manuscripts. That represents the BEST of what’s positive about NaNo.
    But I also have some grumbles about NaNo … tune in on Thur.


    • Thanks Jeff. I use NaNo as a jumping off point. Both stories so far ended up much longer and I took my time in polishing them when November was over. I have this goal of submitting every story I write even though there is still one that I have that may never see the light of day. I’ve tinkered and tinkered with it and can’t make the first chapter be something I want my name on out in the world. LOL!


  2. danicaavet says:

    LOL, Love the picture! *snickers*


  3. Micki Gibson says:

    Shoot, I’m still polishing my NaNo of 2008! However, my 2009 and 2010 NaNo’s were dismal failures. (Probably because I was still messing around with 2008.) No one cranks out a first draft like you do, though. That is really awesome and I’m constantly inspired by you.


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    See, now I’ve attempted nano. But that rock falls like a dead weight for me. I do well with deadlines, but not nano deadlines. I’ve actually found I get more writing done if I don’t have that daily word count looming over me. Weird, huh?


    • Not so weird. I think that’s actually a good thing. NaNo can drive a person over the edge. I’m one of them. I have a hard time letting go when I set myself a task and sometimes that is not good. I love it she the words flow but I don’t like have to push for an arbitrary number per day.


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