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The Aftermath of a Holiday

I adore my family. I look forward to big gatherings because it’s a chance to see everyone at once. We all have busy lives and don’t get to visit with each other as much as we used to, so holidays … Continue reading

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After Thanksgiving

I’m glad it’s over. I was determined to have a nice time and it started out great and then denigrated to a horrible day. I don’t want to relive it but suffice it to say, the day ended with me in a … Continue reading

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday.  It’s the equally frenzied but far less violent cousin of Black Friday for the coffee-cup-and-pajama-shopper set.  By now, most of us have at least heard of the crazy woman who pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers in … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Guest

                                               Guest Fox: Laurie Ryan                                                            By Jeff Salter              Have you ever been pulled over by a Police Officer when you were speeding but didn’t realize it?  Well, I wasn’t speeding and Laurie Ryan wasn’t a cop … but … Continue reading

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Turkey For Me, Turkey For You

Well, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. This is the great kick-off for the upcoming holiday season which will destroy everything in its path like an avalanche. In my family, Thanksgiving changes year-to-year. Not the food though. The food is the same every year: … Continue reading

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Happy Bird-Day

So, this week in the USA is Thanksgiving. The day we all over-eat bird or pig.  Family drama anyone? Not me. I’m over all that stuff. Our extended family no longer does the big to-do at my in-laws. I confess, I … Continue reading

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Talking Turkey

It’s the Monday before Thanksgiving, so let’s talk turkey.  First, hit the grocery store, lug home a frozen bird, realize it doesn’t fit in your fridge because of all the other food you’ve got to fix for Thanksgiving, find the … Continue reading

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Twilight me…

Since Wasteland released in September, I’ve been participating in lots of interviews, radio shows, etc and a common question has been, “If you could have any super power what would it be?” I’m like, “I can choose only one?” It’s … Continue reading

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Which Super Power

                                             If I Could Have Only ONE                                                           By Jeff Salter              When I was a kid, I used to wish I had enough money [approximately $1.50, as I recall] to buy those “X-Ray Vision Glasses” advertised in comic books.  … Continue reading

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Superpowers R Us

I write paranormal romance. That should tell you something. Yes, it means I tend to spend more hours daydreaming powers and magic and the “impossible” than I do balancing my checkbook. Okay, well, I do almost anything other than balance … Continue reading

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