Top Gun

This Friday is Veteran’s Day so I decided to kick off the week by celebrating my favorite military movie from my high school days with one of my favorite actors from back in the day.

Yeah, Tom Cruise.  There.  I said it.  Pre-Oprah’s-couch-jumping Tom Cruise.  Back when I didn’t care whether Tom was a good actor or not.  I wanted big screen eye candy and baby, Tom delivered every time.  Heck, he still delivers though his star is a bit tarnished.  But by golly, he does look good in a Navy uniform.  Even when he’s pissed and demanding the truth.

But back to “Top Gun”.  Every year, the senior class at my high school went to see a movie as part of our final week together.  The class before us was supposed to see “The Breakfast Club” but gasp!  It was rated R and somebody’s parent threw a fit and blah, blah, blah.  The class of ’85 had to go see some other movie at the last minute.  (FYI – I have no doubt “The Breakfast Club” would have received a PG-13 rating had that level been around in 1985.)  I have no recollection of what the consolation movie was for ’85, but 26 years later, I remember what they were supposed to see.  As for our senior class, no R-rated movie even made it onto the ballot.  I don’t remember the other choices, but I seem to recall it was some sappy chick flick and probably something to satisfy the adrenaline junkies or bathroom humor enthusiasts.  I was one of our class officers and I campaigned much harder for the choice of “Top Gun” than I did for my own elected position.  It had something for everyone.  It was a love story.  It was a Bromance well before the term Bromance came into existence.  It had fast machines.  “I feel the need.  The need for speed.”  Heck, it even had a couple of musical numbers.  (I keep waiting for those damn Glee kids to do a mash-up of “Top Gun” songs.  You just wait.  And you can say you heard it here first.)  But most awesomely, it had a volleyball scene.

*Sigh*  Man, I love our military men in uniform.  And out of uniform.  🙂

I don’t have any statistics backing me up on this, but I seem to recall an article came out sometime after this movie where the Navy acknowledged a surge in their recruiting numbers due to the popularity of “Top Gun.”  As much as I love the movie and the superstar actors in it, I have a greater weakness for the real deal.  Like this dude…

I also have a shirtless picture of this guy somewhere, but I don’t want to make all you other gals jealous.  I don’t think he was playing volleyball either. 😉

Whether or not you have your own “Top Gun”, let’s remember to honor all the men and women who serve our country as we celebrate Veteran’s Day this Friday.  To all of our veterans, I offer a heartfelt, “Thank you” whether or not you venture into the danger zone.

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11 Responses to Top Gun

  1. jeff7salter says:

    ‘Top Gun’ is definitely a great film — and (for very diff. reasons) so is “A Few Good Men.”
    But I’ve never been a Tom Cruise fan. Not sure why. Even way earlier before his mouth started getting him into trouble … I didn’t really like him.
    Now, Nichole Kidman is pretty cool. But that’s a diff. blog.
    Please convey my appreciation to your husband, the Navy guy with the shirt.
    I’m an Air Force veteran (also AF Reserve and Army Nat’l Guard) of a diff. era … so I have a lot of memories which are re-stirred on the days leading up to Veteran’s Day.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      First, thank you for your service to our country as well. I know each branch has their jokes about the others, not to mention the rivalries of the service academies, but at the end of the day they’re all on the same team protecting and serving our country and its freedoms.

      As to Tom Cruise…I’m guessing your dislike might have to do with most of his blockbuster roles had him as an arrogant little snot who gets knocked down a few notches before he regroups and goes tearing off into the sunset with the babe.


      • jeff7salter says:

        Maybe so, Micki. And here’s an example: i was looking forward to the Mission Impossible movie because I had enjoyed the TV series as a kid. And the movie was pretty good. But I kept thinking that so many other actors would have done a better job than Cruise.
        Same with Valkerie — a subject which greatly interests me and I eagerly awaited its release on DVD. Nope … Cruise was not the right guy for that role.


  2. danicaavet says:

    Great post, Micki. I think every red-blooded woman in America (possibly even the free world) knows the beach volleyball scene. I mean…hellooooo Val *swoon* You can have Tom. I was all about Val before he started to look like Marlon Brando the Later Years. Still, it was a good movie.

    And yes, our men and women of the armed forces should be honored.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Maverick, Iceman, Slider…heck, even Goose who never took his shirt off in that scene (but I still have a weakness for him as Dr. Mark Green in ER)…I love that volleyball scene.

      Loved Val Kilmer in Oliver Stone’s “The Doors”. He was an awesome Jim Morrison.


  3. Lynn Rush says:

    LOVE Top Gun!!!!! The volleyball scene was yummy. 🙂 LOL


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    Great post on all levels, Micki. I still do the dreamy sigh thing when I happen to catch Top Gun on tv…………….oh, sorry. I got side-tracked. 🙂 I’ll add my thanks to yours for all those who go into harm’s way on our behalf.


  5. I’m with Danica. I liked the other guy! BUT I always like the other guy. Character flaw. Literally. hehehe


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