Happy Bird-Day

So, this week in the USA is Thanksgiving. The day we all over-eat bird or pig.  Family drama anyone? Not me. I’m over all that stuff. Our extended family no longer does the big to-do at my in-laws. I confess, I miss it. I miss all the wackiness and fun of all the kids running around. The huge family gatherings stopped one year when my one sis-in-law (my least favorite one, by the way) came out with the statement that she would much rather spend the holidays with just her kids and grandkids. Well, as the comic I don’t really care for says- and I quote him because, after all, he said it best-So, as Jim Carrey said, “AALLLL-RIGHTY THEN.”  and that was the end of that. The only time I’ve seen this particular sis-in-law since then was at two funerals and a 50th anniversary party. Haven’t seen her kids or grandkids at all.  Can you say no man is an island?

So, my holiday will be low key. My mother will cook (yes, she will NOT allow anyone to help- even upon threat of violence) for my dad, me, my spouse and the 17 year old. My sister and her son who is separated from his wife and his two kids will be there as well. We will Skype with my son in England and my sister’s son and daughter-in-law in Italy. Then we shall wash the dishes and my sister and mom will decide just how early they will hit the mall on Friday and, based on the sales circulars, which stores to attack first. I will watch them in awe at their bravery and arrange to meet them for lunch when the battle is over.

Here’s hoping everyone’s holiday is as low key as mine. Or wild and crazy if that’s how you like it. Happy Bird-Day.



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15 Responses to Happy Bird-Day

  1. Micki Gibson says:

    I often marvel at the super large family gatherings (extended family upon extended family) some folks have, but I’m partial to the gathering at my mom’s which used to be at my paternal grandmother’s before that. Most of the usual suspects remain the same (aside from the older ones who’ve passed on) and it’s rarely more than 20 people. And while both my Uncle Joe (because I swear everyone has an Uncle Joe) who was an FSU fan and my great Aunt Dot, UF grad, have passed away, I think the annual “Gator-Seminole-Hurricane” football debate match is bound to be resurrected by the younger set. Some things never change. 🙂


  2. danicaavet says:

    My sister and I already know we’re going to spend most of the day in front the television watching football.


  3. Sounds like a nice day,Jillian. I t seemed a good idea in June to invite a cousin and her family in…I am not ready.But it WILL help keep the drama down with my sister, brother, nieces, etc! I’m off to finish cleaning and cooking before the grandkids need to be picked up.


  4. jeff7salter says:

    I never cared for large crowds, but I do like being with family. I’ve spent a few Thanksgivings away from folks — including one in the Arctic — so I know that being ‘alone’ is a bummer.
    This year, two sets of Denise’s cousins are coming here for a few nights, incl. Thanksgiving Day. The two women in those groups have already coordinated with Denise and they’re bringing a specialty dish or two. Much better to know in advance — no surprises.
    Denise seems to welcome participation, so she’s not the Lone Ranger-Martyr meal preparer that some people have mentioned.
    I never cared for college games, but I used to watch the Cowboys play on this day. Since they’re no longer “America’s Team” I suppose it will be some other guys. But the NFL is a nice distraction for such a day.
    I’m also hoping for a campfire at some point … possibly Wed. evening after everyone arrives.
    Maybe a walk in the woods if we’re not too ‘full’ from eating.


  5. Lavada Dee says:

    We’ve done both the big and crazy and the small. This year it will be small. With just nine of us.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  6. Laurie Ryan says:

    I managed to dodge cooking duty this year. Friends invited us to eat with them. So once I made sure our kids were all attached to a dinner somewhere, we accepted and I asked what I could bring. Sparkling Cider. That’s it. No cooking, no baking. Woohoo! Now that’s worth the 3 hour drive to their house. 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving, Jillian and everyone at Four Foxes One Hound!


  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and to all the other peeps here too, Jeff! I won’t be cooking other than a Healthified Cheesecake (oxymoron?) I made this morning. My bf and I go to a large gathering of family and friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends (and on and on) every year for Thanksgiving. No drama at all! It’s like a big party! Games and prizes and dancing and all kinds of fun! Turkey is provided by the hosts and couples whose names contain the letters beginning the alphabet bring one category and the letter at the end of the alphabet bring something from the other category.

    So I get to take something different every year since we go as a couple! (my last name is at the beginning and his is at the end)



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