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Oooh, It’s Cold; No, it’s a Hurricane; No, it’s hail; Nope, it’s a Warm Sunny Day

Weather can indeed play an integral role in a plot. In fact, I just had a short story published in an anthology called Snowbound Hearts. My story is called Sophie’s Snow Day and the tag line is A snowstorm can … Continue reading

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Rock You Like A Hurricane

Nope, I’m not here to tell you about 80’s hair bands.  (Though I do have a particular fondness for that Scorpions’ hit that my alma mater loves to play at football games.  I freely admit to pumping up the volume … Continue reading

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Blizzards? Snow?

                                        Brrrrrrrrrrrrr … Been There!                                                           By Jeff Salter             It’s an appropriate week to yak about inclement weather:  I have friends in both IL and RI who’ve had recent blizzards with nearly 10 inches of snow.             As a … Continue reading

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I’m a little late posting, but better late than never, right? I live in south Louisiana. I’ve seen snow…maybe four times in my entire life. And I’m not talking about pretty snow, but wet, slushy stuff that melts within a … Continue reading

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Yes, I’m horribly late with my post, but it’s been crazy world where I am. I have this thing called a job, but I also am the idiot who got conned into being the chairman of a writer’s conference. Someone … Continue reading

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Frozen Time

With much of the country getting blasted with snow and other forms of lousy weather (I hear it’s headed my way), there’s nothing like staying in and watching a good movie.  Because really, who wants to watch crappy movie?  My … Continue reading

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So, it was MLK Day on Monday. I thought it would be fun to find some MLK quotes to share. I love quotes and often surf the net to see what I can find out there that’s inspiring. Here are … Continue reading

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True-Life Tales

                                                       … A Cut Above                                                            By Jeff Salter              The crashing blow to my face stunned me and I staggered.  The perpetrator was nearly seven feet tall, strong as oak, probably three feet wide … and every bit of … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Civil Right Discussion

I have jury duty today. I seem to get summoned quite often but never get chosen to sit on one. I would totally love to sit on a jury. Being a lawyer for more of my life than not, I … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Snow or Sleet

                  … A Tribute to First Responders (Among Others)                                                          By Jeff Salter              As I draft this, it’s pouring.  Well, off and on, but there has been rain of some type since the wee hours.  Forecast has it turning … Continue reading

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