Frozen Time

With much of the country getting blasted with snow and other forms of lousy weather (I hear it’s headed my way), there’s nothing like staying in and watching a good movie.  Because really, who wants to watch crappy movie?  My point is that I have a few stand-bys that I’d like to watch if it weren’t for the fact that I have zero control over the remotes in my house.  I’m a contemporary kind of gal.  It’s what I write and what I like to watch.  I don’t need aliens, spaceships, elves, dwarves, lasers or anything else requiring the services of Mr. Lucas’s special effects company or Mr. Spielberg’s infinite vision of using a bazillion extras.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love their big budget movies, but sometimes I need something simpler.  Like a movie that takes place on one planet on one day.  Even if that day gets repeated over and over.

My favorite movie featuring snow is “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray.  I don’t know why I love that movie.  Maybe it’s because it is the ultimate Do-Over movie, and y’all know how I love my do-overs.  (I think I’m on my ninth do-over of my diet of the new year.)  If you don’t know the premise, here’s the synopsis from the IMDB website:

“A weather man is reluctantly sent to cover a story about a weather forecasting “rat” (as he calls it). This is his fourth year on the story, and he makes no effort to hide his frustration. On awaking the ‘following’ day he discovers that it’s Groundhog Day again, and again, and again. First he uses this to his advantage, then comes the realisation that he is doomed to spend the rest of eternity in the same place, seeing the same people do the same thing EVERY day.”

The synopsis doesn’t mention that he’s stuck there because the town gets snowed in, but it’s totally relevant (to the plot…and this week’s blog topic).  Honestly, if I had to do that, I’m pretty sure I would have used at least one of those days to catch up on my sleep.  Then I’d use another one to work on my manuscript until it was perfected, much like Bill Murray’s character did with the piano lessons.  Forget that whole exercising thing if all of my extra pounds would come back the next day.  I’d try new haircuts and new haircolors.  And you’d better believe I’d try every delicious dessert in town.

What would you do if you had to live the same day over and over again?

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7 Responses to Frozen Time

  1. Micki, I too, love “Ground Hog Day”!
    My luck, if I lived the same day over and over, would be to have forgotten everything I learned the day before!
    I will, instead, comment on our shared idea of a simple movie. I have not put it down, but I would love to do a piece based on one actual evening that happened to me.It could be done with only 3 characters…is that simple enough for you?!
    We had blowing snow in the air,(if not on the ground) , nearly every day for several months last year.I guess we used our quota, unless it’s coming with a vengence before Spring.I do hope we avoid ice storms.
    We’re running hot and cold here; my daffodils closest to the house have sent up shoots that are 7″ tall.
    Have a great day.


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I also enjoyed Groundhog Day.
    I honestly don’t know what I’d do.
    If everything is ‘erased’ except your memory and acquired skills/experience, I guess that significantly limits what one COULD do.
    For one thing, you wouldn’t able able to write a novel — nothing you’d already written would survive. You couldn’t MAKE anything (i.e. construct anything) because the next dawn would erase whatever you’d done.
    It would be an opportunity to experiment with various kinds of things, since you know the next dawn would erase all the effects (good or bad).
    I HOPE I’d be quicker (than Bill Murray) to realize that pursuing only the selfish interests is not the way to go. But, like Bill, I’m very human …


    • Micki Gibson says:

      I’m human too, but I have to admit I’d pursue all the selfish interests first to get them out of the way. I still cry over the homeless old guy and poor Bill’s efforts to try to stop the inevitable.


  3. danicaavet says:

    I LOVE Groundhog Day! “Don’t drive angry!” Bwahaha. I’d probably get a new tattoo everyday since they weren’t going to be there when I woke up the next morning. Then I’d probably catch up on sleep, eat very bad good-tasting food, learn a new instrument and I’m not sure what else, but I’d think of something.


  4. Liked the movie the first time I saw it- not so much the other times. LOL! Joking!! It’s a great movie. AND if I had to live some of the most recent days over again, I’d kick someone’s rear! LOL!


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