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True-Life Tales

                                                       … A Cut Above                                                            By Jeff Salter              The crashing blow to my face stunned me and I staggered.  The perpetrator was nearly seven feet tall, strong as oak, probably three feet wide … and every bit of … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Civil Right Discussion

I have jury duty today. I seem to get summoned quite often but never get chosen to sit on one. I would totally love to sit on a jury. Being a lawyer for more of my life than not, I … Continue reading

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Rainy Days and Snow or Sleet

                  … A Tribute to First Responders (Among Others)                                                          By Jeff Salter              As I draft this, it’s pouring.  Well, off and on, but there has been rain of some type since the wee hours.  Forecast has it turning … Continue reading

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The Greatest Feeling

As a writer there’s no greater feeling than writing “The End” on a piece of work you’ve been slaving over for weeks, months, sometimes years. It’s not just accomplishment. It’s a sense of rightness. Like you’ve finally done what you … Continue reading

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The Incredible, Collapsing Jillian

Sorry my post is late. I’m usually doing my posts on Sunday night but for some reason, the weekend got away from me and yesterday was most definitely a full moon kind of day. I heard from people I hadn’t … Continue reading

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No Dog in this Fight

Having grown up in the South, football is a way of life for a lot of folks.  It’s probably one reason I loved living in Texas for three years.  That and the awesome neighbor thing.  I’m truly surprised that the … Continue reading

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Be It Therefore Resolved

                            … Not to take resolutions too seriously                                                         By Jeff Salter              I don’t think much about ‘new years’ resolutions, frankly.  At least I didn’t until this week when I’ve read three columns (so far) here on our group blog. … Continue reading

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