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Happy Leap Day

I imagine for a lot of people who were born on this day, there’s a lot of leaping going on. For joy because they can finally celebrate their birthday on their…well, birthday. I never really give much thought to Leap … Continue reading

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Leapin’ Lizards!

As Little Orphan Annie said in the comic strip by the same name, Leapin’ Lizards! It’s Leap Year. She always said she looked younger than her years because she was born on February 29 and only aged one year in … Continue reading

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Leap Year

Leap Year…one of those non-holiday special days that no one really seems to know what to do about it.  That includes this blog person.  I just know – as a lover of birthdays – how much it would suck if my birthday … Continue reading

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Analyze This

                                                        … Character                                                           By Jeff Salter             Some of my favorite things to discuss are characters and poetry, so it’s logical that I’d want to combine the two — since our topic this week is a ‘free space’.  Vivid … Continue reading

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Danica + Water = Bad

I’m not a big fan of deep bodies of water. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a pool, a bayou, or the Gulf of Mexico. Water makes me nervous. A part of me wonders if I drowned in a former … Continue reading

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A Plethora of Holidays and Events

What a week!! Monday was President’s Day. The sad thing about that to me is that our county offices don’t close for the holiday and it chaps my hide every year. These men served our country and we should be … Continue reading

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A Death Fly-By

I need to apologize for last week’s absence.  I really wanted to talk about how “Love Actually” is one of my favorite love movies in time for Valentine’s Day even though that movie is set around Christmas.  It opens with … Continue reading

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Romance in the Arts

                          Favorite romantic movies / books / songs                                                           By Jeff Salter              Not quite sure what to write about during this week of Valentine’s Day, I looked up my blog from this time last year:  That was me … Continue reading

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I Can’t Listen to It

This might come as a shock to some of you who follow me on my personal blog, but at one time I was big into country music. Yes, I know! I saw Alan Jackson, John Anderson, Garth Brooks (3 times), … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day- My Favorite Sappy Love Song

My favorite sappy love song is from a movie that came out when I was a teen. I think the movie was super fun and the video for this song is, too. By the way, I have a short story … Continue reading

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