11 year old Adult

My brother in law’s birthday was February 29th!  Yep. He’s an eleven-year-old whose been married for 18 years and has three kids!

Yeah, that’ll mess with your head, huh?

I never understood leap year. It just confused me to no end. But as I get older, it kinda makes me smile. How fun to be born on a day that only happens every four years.

Talk about special!

Now my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving, but that’s just not the same. Sure, it’s fun, but being a Leap Year Baby…that’d be way cool!

Any leap year babies out there reading this? How’d you celebrate your once every four year birthday?

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4 Responses to 11 year old Adult

  1. jeff salter says:

    that would confuse me to no end


  2. I imagine I’d celebrate big-time every four years…not that I really celebrate at all once a year…two so-called parties in my life that were fiascos…I will have to write about them some time, as NOW, they are funny…at least,I can laugh.
    Thanksgiving would be a cool birthday…I was born on Father’s Day, and if my b-day’s on a Sunday,ithits again….my father was already a father and I was no-big-deal…on the other hand, I have a cousin who is an only child and was born on Mother’s Day. I never asked her kids if they give her something extra when her b-day falls on Sunday.


  3. Micki Gibson says:

    I discovered on Facebook that a college friend of mine got married on Leap Day 8 years ago, so this is only her second anniversary. Boy, can you imagine how much trouble her husband could get into if he forgot it? But then maybe he digs it because he’s only got to come up with something really awesome every four years. I think he did very well this year if the pictures posted online are any indication.


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