Far and Away

I haven’t visited many foreign countries (Hong Kong, Portugal, Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, Grand Cayman, Bahamas – you know,  mostly Caribbean cruise ship port stops with the exception of the first three) and Ireland is one I’d love to visit someday.  It’s green and they have wonderful accents.  Case in point, Liam Neeson.

Liam Neeson Picture

But if I have to pick my favorite Irish movie, I have to go with “Far and Away” starring a pre-crazy-Oprah’s couch-jumping Tom Cruise and his then-girlfriend/later-wife/now ex-wife Nicole Kidman.  (And for the record, I loved her naturally curly hair.)  What can I say?  I’m a romantic.


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3 Responses to Far and Away

  1. I love this movie, too. In fact, I thought about using it for my post tomorrow. LOL!


  2. jeff salter says:

    I’ve never seen that entire movie … but I could almost feel the kidney punch when Tom was fighting that guy and Nicole was being groped by the other bad guy and called out, “Tom, save me!” When Tom looked over there, the guy he was fighting nailed him with enough impact to crush his kidney and send him to the hospital for a transplant.
    If I ever watch the entire film, I’ll have to skip that scene.


  3. ACK! I can’t get the Liam picture to come up and , you hit the spot with him with me…HUUUUUGE fan , here.[Have you seen Rob ROY? He’s playing a Scotsman, but what a movie! EVERYONE is fantastic in their roles.]
    I usually try to run an Irish Film Festival on St.Patrick’s Day…run, not necessarily sit and watch…The Quiet Man, Michael Collins, The Secret of Roan Inish,War of the Buttons…I’ll add a few more now and again, Waking Ned Devine, Evelyn,The Wind That Shakes the Barley…Funny, the one ‘Irish’ movie I don’t care for is ‘Far and Away’. Old Nicole is to fickle for me to get up much sympathy for her character…how can she even CONSIDER going back to that other black-hearted man? Oh , well, call me OVERLY romantic!


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