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Z is for ZZZZZoo!

(BuZZer sounding) What?  Huh?  Blog?  (Leaps out of bed)  I’m up.  I’m awake! Thanks to the lovely Jillian Chantal for my wake-up blog call!  Now on to what I was really going to post… Z is for Zoo.  As in … Continue reading

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Micki? Where are you??? Today is Z and you’re up! Or are you catching some ZZZZZZZZZZs? 

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Y is for Young Adult

How fitting that I got the letter Y being the Young Adult writer of the group.  Rather than list all my favorite YA titles (mostly because there’d be too many), I’d like to give a shout out to a particular … Continue reading

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W is for Writing

                                              A-Z Blogging for April                                                             by Jeff Salter              Well, actually, W is for Writing … and for Writers.             Writers are a strange breed, aren’t we?  Whether we produce non-fiction, articles, essays, short stories, poetry, children’s stories, YA, … Continue reading

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V is for Violent Femmes

The A-Z challenge is almost over. Well, for me it is over. I had a lot of fun trying to find bands/musicians for my days and I hope I’ve been able to play songs for you that you’ve never heard … Continue reading

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Bet U Thought I forgot about U!

Nope, I didn’t forget. I’m dragging about today for some reason. Hmmm, maybe because I was up at 3:40 am yesterday to get ready and drive to Tallahassee and back for the day (6 hours in the car) and I … Continue reading

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T is for Tennis Anyone?

It’s Monday!  Which means your Monday fox is rushing to get the blog written, the rascals off to school, and end up on the tennis courts on time.  What?  You didn’t know I play tennis?  Well, I’m not so sure … Continue reading

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