N is for NO!

No, as in I have NO IDEA of what to write about.  This is likely to be a post about Nothing.  Oh, I would have been all over the M given my own name and the fact that my original manuscript had lots of M names (both first and last).  Look at how many states start with the letter M.  Yes, there are a lot of states that start with N but they cheat.  Half of them are North or New something.  I suppose I could have written about New Orleans since I live on the Gulf Coast, but a couple of my blogmates would do far more justice to the lovely city.  Me?  I’ve been there three times for a few college bowl games and those are mostly fuzzy, Pat-O’Brien’s-Hurricane-induced memories.

N is also the first letter of the entity which pays our household bills.  Namely, the NAVY.  A few years back, my husband reminded me what NAVY stood for when I reported that I somehow ended up as a committee chairperson at work.  Never Again Volunteer Yourself. In other words, “Just say NO!”  I still struggle with saying it but found it gets a lot easier after you remove the knife from your back or you help dust off the tire marks from a friend who’s been thrown under the bus.

Oooops!  Am I getting too Negative?  See, that was my problem with N.  The first words I thought of were Neglectful, Negative, Not writing, Not dieting, Not exercising, Non______ (too many to name with this prefix), Noose…yeah, a bit morbid.  So, I’m making a fresh start!  I’m shooting for New and Improved.  Starting NOW!

No more Negative Nancies!  (Sorry to anyone out there named Nancy.  Don’t mean to offend you.)  No more excuses.  I’m saying NO to the negative influences in my life and a big ol’ BRING IT ON to future challenges.

What will you say NO to for a NEW AND IMPROVED you?  (Cue Rocky or theme song music of your choice!)


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3 Responses to N is for NO!

  1. Tonette says:

    Thanks,Micki…NO more prpcrastinating…I have work to do! I Needed the boost!


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Never Again Volunteer Yourself? LOL.
    I’ve got an N-State — Nebraska, Nevada, & Nississippi. Oh, well, maybe not that last one.
    Enjoyed the column about NADA !


  3. no is actually a good word in some circumstances! Such as, do you want me to hack off your left arm? That would be a no.

    Negative Nelly is what I usually say as there are less Nellys than Nancys. Oh, for the pre-politically correct days – I was recently told in no uncertain terms that ACTRESS is politically incorrect. Who knew?


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