T is for Tennis Anyone?

It’s Monday!  Which means your Monday fox is rushing to get the blog written, the rascals off to school, and end up on the tennis courts on time.  What?  You didn’t know I play tennis?  Well, I’m not so sure you could call what I do as playing tennis.  Chasing a fuzzy yellow ball while wearing cute outfits could qualify as playing something, but I’m not sure what tennis purists would call what I do.  A lesson in what not to do?

The interesting thing is that I started to take tennis lessons last year as research for a manuscript.  Somewhere along the way, I started hitting the ball, keeping the balls in the field of play and eventually got invited to be a part of one of the ladies’ league teams.  I’ve even played in a real match!  My partner and I got our butts kicked if the score is any indication (0-6, 2-6), but the cool thing is that I had a few decent shots and even more fun.

Years ago if someone had told me I would sign up to play tennis for novel research, I think my first question would have been, “What novel?”  The second would have been, “Me?  Tennis?”  Both of which would have had me doubled over from laughter.  But I decided my teen hero would be a tennis star and I knew nothing about tennis.  I figured it would give me the research I need plus a way to fit in some exercise.

Funny what authors will do in the name of novel research.  How about you?

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5 Responses to T is for Tennis Anyone?

  1. jeff7salter says:

    And this on the heels of a weekend of rustic camping … er, soggy & chilly camping.
    Is there no end to your energy?


  2. I can’t tell you how many times I said that to myself,”Wow, not me, never” only to end up doing it…sort of a variation of ‘From my mouth to God’s ear”, only, not always a blessing, or maybe I find only much later, it was one in disguise.
    I have gone so far as to think,”If a fortune-teller had said I would be doing this,I would have run them out of town on a rail!”
    I guess it’s “Never say never”, Micki!


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Bill Cosby said God’s a generous god and he’s got a sense of humor. That whole “Never” thing? Yeah, I definitely have been busted on that, but usually in a good way. And last week I had the letter N. I could have done a post on all the things I’ve said I’d “NEVER” do and have since done. (I need to write that down for our next “pot luck” topic week.) Thanks for coming by, Tonette! 🙂


  3. I remember when you went to the first lesson and now here you are in a league! Awesome. NOW- get thyself to work on that manuscript! LOL!


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