Y is for Young Adult

How fitting that I got the letter Y being the Young Adult writer of the group.  Rather than list all my favorite YA titles (mostly because there’d be too many), I’d like to give a shout out to a particular group of Young Adults who are appropriately named The Young Americans.


The Young Americans are an extremely talented group of young men and women (or those in what would be the so-called “New Adult” target audience), past high school who tour the US and the world doing music outreach programs.  They come in and in a 3 day workshop (really more like 1 1/2) teach kids in grades 4-12 a whole show.  “Glee Light” isn’t quite the right name even though it ALL of the amazing talent, but none of that pesky drama.

I first heard of them back in 2000 when they came to the school where I taught.  I had no idea of how incredible these Young Americans were.  I sat in our high school gym and watched a Broadway-quality show for like $5.  My husband and I could barely pick our jaws up from the gym floor.  (Which is really a nasty place that you don’t want your jaw touching for very long.)  Then to see what they got out of our students?  Oh my!

Fast forward twelve years and they are back.  And this time, I have a Glee-loving kid who is old enough to participate in the workshop.  I signed her up and drug her to the local high school’s auditorium where they’d set up.  About 30 seconds into the Young American’s introductions, someone else’s jaw was checking out the auditorium floor.  (It’s not much better than the gym floor.)  After the first night, she was exhausted but thrilled that Mom signed her up for this thing.  And when the final note was sung after the Friday night performance, this Mama had shed plenty of tears from bursting with pride from seeing my little girl get to participate in this fantastic opportunity.

If you ever have the chance to see the Young Americans, DO IT!  You’ll be supporting future Broadway stars.  Just try to keep your jaw from hitting the floor.  I think I saw an M&M’s wrapper and who knows how long THAT’s been there!

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3 Responses to Y is for Young Adult

  1. Interesting,Micki! After my grown (sometime-writer) niece got the rest of us hooked on the Harry Potter books, she delved into other YA books and put me onto them.AARP did a quick article in a recent magazine about how YA books were so good anymore and how ‘We of a Certain Age’ (and Old People, whose ranks, of course,I have not yet joned!), would find good-quality YA books a good fit.
    It also never ceases to amaze me who almost every kid (or kid-at-heart) opens up , glows and embraces live performances…I guess that is why Broadway and top touring musicians/singers can get away with charging so darned much…but I digress. The Young Americans sound like a great show that opens the world to many. They will never get to my podunk town, but who knows…maybe we’ll venture up to the Big City if they come in.I just may get my grandson up to Shakespeare in the Park this summer; his dad and uncle LOVED it when we’d take them. Good “Y” choice!


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I think I’ve heard of that group. Though I can’t recall the time frame or the context.
    BTW, ain’t it weird to be posting on a Saturday? On my Saturday, earlier this month, the whole day felt kinda strange.


  3. Jillian says:

    good post, Micki and I know you’re proud of your girl who participated in this!


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