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Back-Story: The Overnighter’s Secrets

                                                         By Jeff Salter              On Apr. 30 this year, I was proofing galleys for “The Overnighter’s Secrets”.  Why do I highlight that bit of info?  Because, on Apr. 30, one YEAR ago, I was standing in my friend’s garage … Continue reading

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Since this week is our “free” week, I’m going to take a moment for shameless self-promotion. I know, I know, it’s so…shameless! Yesterday I got the cover for my newest release, You Bet Your Banshee, which is coming out June … Continue reading

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Free, Free, I’m Free

This week’s topic is free- we sometimes have a free week to talk about whatver we want. Hmmm. Freedom to talk about whatever I want. Hmmm. *taps chin with index finger* Let’s see. What is on my mind this week? … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Game…G Whiz!

No, I’m not recycling posts from last month.  It’s a game which I played last week over at Arabella Stokes’s blog, Hot Times in the Haute Ton, which incidentally she got from our lovely Jillian Chantal.  Jillian rocked the letter … Continue reading

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Originally Decoration Day

                                                         by Jeff Salter            Originally called Decoration Day, this is a day of remembrance for all those who have died in our nation’s service. Officially proclaimed in 1868, it was first observed on May 30 that year by placing … Continue reading

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My Memorial Day Tradition

I always, always start Memorial Day with a special tribute/prayer for my family members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I have a great uncle who died at the Battle of the Bulge who saved many of his … Continue reading

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Countdown to Memorial Day

I have a dirty little secret.  Well, maybe not super secret.  It’s not like I’m dressed in black sneaking around a la John Belushi in “Animal House” when he goes to spy on the sorority chicks.  It’s more of the … Continue reading

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My Spring Feels Busted

                                                              by Jeff Salter              This year the local weather has been strange … even to me, who’s only been in this place (southeast KY) for about 5.5 years.             You see, for a total of some five decades, I … Continue reading

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What’s Spring?

Living in south Louisiana, we don’t have anything like Spring every year. We might have something that resembles Spring once in a while and trust me, when that happens you see people beaming, or even some people walking around with … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung

Yes, that’s a cliche title, but spring has definitely sprung here at Casa Chantal. I had a new release out yesterday at Secret Cravings publishing It’s called The Season of the Witch and is a paranormal story. I also got … Continue reading

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