This week’s topic is supposed to be about something I didn’t finish that I wish I had, or something like that. LOL! I’m amazingly anal about stuff and there isn’t much that I don’t finish once I start. In fact, only in the very recent past have I been able to put down a book I didn’t like without finishing reading it. You have to understand that is HUGE for me. I mean, I’d torture myself hating either the plot or the protagonist but I’d soldier on as I’m not a quitter. Insane, right? Well, I finally got over that.

As for something I haven’t finished, all I can offer is this story I started a long time ago and actually finished writing. I entered it in contests and got feedback. I changed chapter three to chapter one and made chapter one and two into chapter two. I still hate it. Chapter four and on are great- fantastic even (LOL). I just can’t seem to get that sucker to be charming and scintillating at the beginning. Some of the stuff could go, I think, but some of it is necessary. I can’t start the story at chapter four, though. It’s too far in for that. I had one crit partner tell me she would keep reading as it had her attention from the beginning, but I’m still in a meh state of mind with it.

So, there ya go, something that is finished but it isn’t. It’ll probably never see the light of day because although I know one of my publishers would take it, I can’t let that puppy out in the world with my name on it when I’m not happy with it.


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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10 Responses to Incomplete!!

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    I LOVE that sign. My husband and kids have threatened to post it somewhere in the house. lol
    And I know what you mean about beginnings. Sometimes, it’s just plain hard to get it right.


  2. Once again, your post seems something like I could have written…I was determined to finish a book no matter how bad…I finally got a grip on myself and let myself stop on a few, but they usually still stay nearby with a bookmark in them(!)
    As I have gotten older,I have not been as fanatical about perfection, but once you are cut from that cloth, you really want only your best work to have your stamp on it! I understand.
    Funny about that sign that I see all over; that doesn’t seem to matter around me…THAT is something I need to change!!!


    • I think we do definitely have a lot in common, Tonette. Perfection is really something that I expect in my work, both as a lawyer and a writer but the funny thing is, not so much in other ways. My house is not the neatest, my cakes are never pretty (but they taste good), my hair is usually a wreck, etc… So, it’s weird how I have a bit of duality there.

      LOL about the sign. I’m really pretty easy going in that regard, too- except at work! Hehe. I guess because that’s what the public sees.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I can’t even estimate how many books I’ve started … but not finished. Unless I know the author, I never feel an obligation to suffer through a book that I don’t like. There have been a few exceptions: where I’d read to the end, only because the “critics” raved so much about that “powerful” story. So I’d plod along … expecting it to get powerful. Nope. never did.


    • I never, ever listen to critics! I almost always disagree with them. I admire you for being able to drop a book you’re not interested in finishing. That’s still hard for me, but at least I’ll do it now, That’s progress.


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    Ummm….unfinished business. I think we both know I’m your polar opposite with manuscripts. I have two sitting on my hard drive that are stalled. Well, sort of. I’m still working on one of them. I’m afraid if I’d started this blog post, it would truly be INCOMPLETE! But I’m working on not leaving things unfinished. It’s a goal.


    • I’m super proud of you, Micki, that you’re moving forward on that story. It has such great potential and I know you can do it! Great goal to have. And remember, one step at a time. Touch one thing then move on to the next one thing. That’s my motto as you know.


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