Thanks, Mom!

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day.  That day which we thank our moms with some flowers, maybe a nice brunch out, and some token of love.  I’m a mom and my family (husband) honors me by having me take him to the airport for his annual conference which every flipping year starts on Mother’s Day!  (I’d really like to slug the conference chairperson of ASMA or whoever sets the timing of this conference.)  But enough about how I get robbed nearly every year of this holiday.  I’m going to shut up and say thanks to my mom.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest Proctor & Gamble commercial that they’ll be using during the London olympics, but I caught it on Facebook.  It’s one of their commercials which ends with them claiming to be “The Proud Sponsor of Moms.”  Let’s just say, I’m a sap and I cry every time I watch this.  I get images of my own mom waking me up to take me to baton contests, studding rhinestones into costumes, sewing costumes, putting my hair up, and praying for that elusive no-drop routine.  And what did I usually do while she was doing that?  Probably moaning and groaning about how early it was, griping every time she stuck me with a pin when she was making the costume (hey, it happened a lot), holding my breath for fear of suffocating from massive amounts of Aqua Net, and praying that my hands would stop sweating so much so I could achieve that elusive no-drop routine.

Hopefully your technologically-challenged Monday Fox can post the video of the commercial so you won’t have to wait until summer.  Just make sure you’ve got your box of Kleenex ready…or whatever brand of tissue that Proctor and Gamble makes.  Happy Monday!

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6 Responses to Thanks, Mom!

  1. I’m with you,Micki…cry every time I see that. I dare to guess some dads are in on it, but moms seem to have to do-it-all, most of the time.
    I never had extra -curricular activities, but I know the many times I was sick and Mom stayed up, or did so to sew a costume and/ or bake for school. I know what I have done…at least Boy Scouts give s Mother’s Pins and Awards…I have those stowed away as treasures. My kids never did the Olympics, but beised every conceivable Scouting organization they belonged to,(Camp training, Arrow of Light, Jr. Leader Training…the list goes on),I drove and sat through swim lessons, field trips, etc. Now, it’s Scouts and school and dance and what-have-you with The Next Genration.
    And they called us The Weaker Sex!


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Yes, dads are in on it and not just as check-writers. We used to make jokes at twirling competitions that there was only one thing worse than a baton mom…and that was a baton dad. My dad was one of my harshest critics yet greatest supporters too. I treasure the fact that both of my parents were involved. My husband has got the scouting thing covered pretty well with our boys, mostly because I’m hauling our daughter to dance, but hopefully, one day, our kids will look back and thank us one day. And that they are as sappy and sentimental as I am with these type commercials.


  2. Nice post! Sorry you always lose the spouse for this event. I think it’s someone with mother issues who plans these conferences.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Okay, you made me break my hard-&-fast rule … never to watch tear=jerker commercials on Mondays.


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