Surprise, Surprise, Surprise (Said in Gomer Pyle’s Voice)

This week’s topic is to reveal three to five things about me that might surprise people. Now, I know no one will be surprised that I love Alan Rickman, so I’m tossing that one out right off the bat. So, must ponder this for a while. Have a cup of tea and I’ll be right back.

Okay. How was the tea? Here’s three things because I was too lazy to think of five.

1. I once flew an airplane. Took control of that puppy once it was in the air and cruised all around the skies above Clinton, Arkansas. Even popped by to see if my friend the pilot had left up his garage door. Gave the reins back to him for the landing. It was super fun and exciting.

2. Water skiing was one of my favorite things to do for many, many years. I still do so on occasion, but not like I used to. It was every weekend for a very long time. Funny thing, though, I never was coordinated enough to do the one ski thing. Nope. Fell every time I tried it.

3. I wanted to be in the FBI. I aced the test. It was a four hour exam and I did it in two and made a 96. My two friends who took it at my insistence because I didn’t want to go alone, took the whole four hours and made in the 80s. They both got offers and I didn’t. Why? Because he was African American (black back then) and she was Hispanic. I was told it was because I was a white female and they were looking for minorities. So, how’s that for a bummer?


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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13 Responses to Surprise, Surprise, Surprise (Said in Gomer Pyle’s Voice)

  1. Darlene says:

    You did indeed surprise me. I didn’t know the flying one. That’s something I have long wanted to do myself. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Tonette says:

    Sorry that you didn’t make the FBI, or maybe you were lucky? You never know what you’d be asked to do.
    An older cousin got in when HE was politically corrrect for the time…he’s a straight-white-male, which is probably a minority there now.
    “Come Fly With Me, let’s fly, let’s fly away….” You have Frank Sinatra stuck in my head now!


    • Yeah, Tonette. I am lucky. The career I’ve forged as a lawyer now is very rewarding. I love it. So, yeah, that old adage, man plans, God laughs, is true.

      Love ole blue eyes, so that song is a good one to have in head.

      By the way, you won the luck of the draw last week for the book. Email me your snail mail addy at jillianchantal at gmail dot com and I’ll mail it to you.


  3. Tonette says:

    Oh, Thanks!


  4. jeff7salter says:

    I was able to water ski as a teen and young adult, but at no point after that. Of course, I didn’t have many opportunities either.
    Never wanted to be in the FBI, but I did run across some of the similar ‘quota’ business when I applied for Air Force OTS after a distinguished active duty hitch as a decorated enlisted man. Did well on the tests and interview and everything from my enlisted time was stellar. But, as the recruiter finally admitted candidly, their ranks (at that point) were thin on female applicants … so the competition for the few available ‘male’ OTS slots was fierce.
    Long story, short: I went to Library school instead.


    • Yeah, it took my recruiter a while to admit to me that the quota system was the culprit. I asked him why they even let me do all that stuff if they weren’t going to consider me and he said it was because they couldn’t stop someone from applying. It was a bummer since I had basically twisted my friends’ arms to come with me and they got offers and I didn’t.

      And Library school was lucky to have you! AND, just like me, it probably made you happier in the long run.


      • jeff7salter says:

        Definitely, Jillian. In the immediate short term, it would have been more advantageous (financially) to be back in the Air Force, at higher pay than before. But, in the medium and long run, I’m glad I was quota’d out of contention for that OTS slot.


  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    That IS a bummer about the FBI. You would have been a GREAT agent. 🙂 But then, you might not have started writing, we might not have met, and well, that would be sad. So I guess it all works out, eh?


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