What You Didn’t Know

Before I get to the really good stuff, today is release day for You Bet Your Banshee (The Three Kingdoms) and I’m giving away a copy of my book to one lucky commenter. Hop on over to my blog for a chance to win!

Now, onto the good stuff. This week it’s about the things you might be surprised to know about me. Hm. I’m pretty much an open book, so I can’t imagine there’s very much left to tell, but I’ll give it a shot.

1. Upon graduation from college with my bright and shiny History degree, I found it surprisingly hard to find a job. *gasp* That summer I worked on a riverboat cruise that toured the Mississippi valley. It started in St. Paul and I got the hell off in Nashville. I’m not meant to be a cocktail waitress. After that, I was a substitute teacher for preschool and 3rd grade *shudders*. Not meant to be a teacher either. After that I moved on to a baby announcement company, then an accounting firm, then a shipyard. Need I say more?

2. When I started in band, I played the flute, but when I got to junior high, I decided I needed a change and switched to tuba. I played tuba through to my senior year of high school and three years into college. I was one of two female tuba players in the tri-Parish area. It helped she was my best friend. She was nicknamed Barbie, I was nicknamed Bambi.

3. I have a secret love affair with potatoes. No kidding. I love french fries, mashed potatoes, hash browns, scalloped potatoes, etc. Pretty much any way you can cook them, I love them. If my feet were hairy, I’d think I was a hobbit.

4. At the ripe age of twelve, my best friend at the time showed me the neatest trick: Pinching people with your toes. It became my only weapon in wrestling matches with my brother and I still use it to this day, although it’s more like picking things up with my toes because I’m too lazy to bend over.

5. I’m almost hopeless when it comes to computers. I know how to work them, how to use the programs I need to on them, but other than that, I have no fascination with them. When I have problems, I call my mom since she’s a tech junkie.

Well, that’s about it for me. After that I don’t think there’s much left to tell about me. It doesn’t make me weird, right?


About danicaavet

Danica Avet lives and writes in the wilds of South Louisiana. Unmarried with no children, she's the proud pet of two cats and a dog. With a BA in History, she decided there were enough fry cooks in the world and tried her hand at writing. Danica loves losing herself in the antics of her characters and blushes more often than not at the things they do. She likes to define her work as paranormal romance with a touch of Cajun spice, but most times her characters turn the notch up to "five-alarm fire"!
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7 Responses to What You Didn’t Know

  1. Tonette says:

    Good grief, no, not weird… Interesting! It is always amazing to find out what is in a person’s past that helped shape them, and hear their stories.
    Tuba? LOVE IT!


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I know somebody else who pinches with her toes. I call it “prehensile toes”.
    Taters? me too.
    Technology? I can barely get by on a good day. When things go bonkers, I’m hopeless.


  3. I knew about the tuba and the Mississippi job. DID not know about the teaching gig – wow, you’re even braver than I knew. All those kids… EEK!


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