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This week we are posting about unusual experiences while traveling. I have a ton of stories I could tell but today I shall share my Brooklyn Bridge one. I love New York. I travel there at least once a year. I can take about five days of the hectic pace and then I’m ready to go home. It’s a great place to visit but I’d never want to live there. Overstimulation is the culprit.

One on occasion when I went with my sister, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on the pedestrian bridge. It’s a great view of the city and is ultra cool to stand in the “middle” of the river and take photos.

Imagine our surprise as we came back across into Manhattan and up walked a guy we knew in high school. It was surreal. Neither of us had seen him since 1979 and here he was on the Brooklyn Bridge at the same time as us. How fun is that? And of course, the great Casablanca line about all the gins joints in all the world came to mind.


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16 Responses to Travel Freak Out

  1. jeff salter says:

    I’d love to walk that bridge, but wouldn’t care for the hustle-bustle of NYC. I was there briefly in ’64 (?) as a young teen with my family. Don’t remember much besides hustle-bustle.
    Very cool to encounter a H.S. buddy in that setting. Would make a great new novel for you.


  2. Tonette says:

    Wow, Small-world encounters never cease to amaze me.A friend of mine’s brother from Illinois went climbing rocks in Clolorado.Near the summit, the brother and friend encountered another group of three climbing near them.Struggling they struck up a conversation and found that one of the fellows went to school with my friend.
    As for your encounter,well, in a mystery or spy novel, that would NOT have been a chance encounter! But I love it!
    (Can I go to NYC with you?LOL!)


  3. Lavada Dee says:

    Could you hear the Twilight theme song? I’ve encountered old friends when traveling but not is a setting like the Brooklyn Bridge.


  4. Tonette says:

    Jillian…I just WROTE a play and I’m trying to convince a friend to collaborate on a musical! Sign me up!


  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    Oooh, I love freaky coincidences like that. I can understand why it’s a well-remembered incident.


  6. It always makes me laugh when people talk about the hustle and bustle of NYC and how it is overwhelming since it is the only place I’ve called home my entire adult life! Sometimes, I wish I could see it from the perspective of someone from a small town.

    Very interesting about your chance encounter. I know there is no Disney World in NYC but “it’s a small world after all.” (Corny…)


    • Yeah, that was corny, Meredith but I Love it. Being a Fla gal, it fits! LOL! And yeah, it’s hectic up there compared to the pace of my life in a little ole beach town. It’s a cacophony of sound and sensation that I love in little bits!


  7. Tonette says:

    No you wouldn’t,Meredith! I left the Washington, DC area for a small town in Idaho; less said the better! I moved to Denver which is hardly the capital of the world, but big….then exiled myself to KY.Thank God for the Internet! Be careful what you wish for!


  8. Tonette says:

    The DC suburbs…I was born on the Maryland side,(Prince George’s Co.) and moved to the Virginia side,(Fairfax Co), when I was four.(See today’s profile picture on Facebook! My 4th B-day).
    I left when I was 27, never mind how many years ago!
    My sister and I will travel to NC next week and probably pass through Stafford.I’ll blow the horn for you!


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