Summer Writing Prompt

It’s Writing Prompt week on the Four Foxes One Hound blog.  Lots of people talk about the lazy days of summer, but I’m sitting here wondering how we’re already into the second week of July.  I deal with the CRAZY days of summer.  This month I’ll be flying to Dallas, taking my kids to camp, spending a couple of days in Biloxi, going to my high school reunion, and flying to California for RWA.  I would mention that less than a week after that I’ll go to San Antonio and then back to my hometown of Jacksonville (essentially traveling the entire eastern half of I-10) but those are in August.  So dear readers, here’s your prompt…

Celebrate the CRAZY days of summer.  Describe how you would spend the month of July doing something different each day.  (You have an unlimited amount of funds to do these.)  Just for kicks, I’ll give it a whirl.

July 1 – Sleep in as much as possible.  It’s going to be a crazy month.  July 2 – Drive to Atlanta to catch a Braves game.  (I don’t really care for baseball and don’t know if they’re playing, but if I plan to celebrate the Fourth of July in our nation’s capitol, I’d better get on the road.)  July 3 – It’s Tom Cruise’s birthday, so I’m going to sit in the infield of the Charlotte Motor Speedway and watch his racing movie, “Days of Thunder” starring him and ex-wife #2 Nicole Kidman.  July 4th – Woo hoo!  Independence Day!  Celebrate it in Washington, DC.  July 5 -Hope on over to Maryland and eat the best crabcakes at the Edgewater Restaurant.  July 6 – Take a tour of the Naval Academy in Annapolis.  (Drinks with friends who live in the area later that night.)  July 7 – Head up to Baltimore (firstborn’s birthplace) and cruise the Inner Harbour and sing the National Anthem repeatedly until my fellow cruisers toss me overboard.  Considering how awful I sing, I figure I won’t get past the first bouy marker.  July 8 – It’s breakfast at Wimbledon!  Grab my racket, find a tennis court, and pretend I’m Maria Sharapova or Serena Williams.  July 9 – Drive to Hershey and eat nothing but chocolate all day long.  July 10 – Due to all the chocolate consumed on the 9th, spend the next day doing nothing but reading a book in where else?  Reading, PA!  July 11 – Go ziplining.  July 12 – Catch a flight to Dallas.  Why Dallas?  Because I have to be there on the 12th this year and I’ve still got to come up with something else for the next 19 days.  July 13 – Have fun at the Fort Worth Stockyards.  July 14 – Better get back to FL to spend with my dad.  It’s his birthday and there will be German chocolate cake.  July 15 – Load up on the sunscreen because it’s time to bake on the beach.  July 16 – Visit the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine and tour the fort.  July 17 – Go camping and eat s’mores.  July 18 – Take a 6 am spin class with my best friend from high high school.  Why?  Because it’s her birthday and I’m gonna have to wear off some of all that cake.  Oh, and she’s teaching the spin class.  July 19 – Take a sunset cruise in Key West and have conch fritters and key lime pie at Sloppy Joe’s on Duval Street.  July 20 – Since I’m down in the keys, I might as well go scuba diving.  July 21 – Fly to Vegas and play $1000 worth of Blackjack.  (Get it?  21!)  July 22 – Renew my wedding vows at the Graceland Chapel with Elvis presiding.  July 23 – Did you know Jon bon Jovi got married at the Graceland Chapel?  Did you know that on July 23, 2010 I saw Bon Jovi in concert?  You do now and so there’s only one thing to do on July 23 and that’s see a Bon Jovi concert (preferably in Vegas since I’m already there).  July 24 – Go to the Hoover Dam.  Eat some toast with jam.  Read “Green Eggs and Ham.”  July 25 – If I don’t get my tail to Anaheim for RWA and the Young Adult Chapter’s event (YARWA’s Day of YA), I’m going to be in trouble.  I’m the treasurer and have to pay the bill.  Plus I’d miss all my friends.  July 26 – Since I’m moving up on the reading…children’s, YA…it’s time to see what all the fuss is about with “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  Buy some handcuffs or some other “themed” goody to go along with the reading.  July 27 – Buy a big box store’s worth of Kleenex to cry over how much time I wasted reading that “Twilight” fan fic and why, oh, why can’t I make a bazillion dollars with my silly little story.  July 28 – I pitch my poor pathetic manuscript which has no chance of making a bazillion dollars to a sympathetic editor.  She requests the full.  July 29 – I hit panic mode and drink an entire bottle of “Writer’s Block” red wine.  July 30 – My dear writer friends who are tired of my pity party, take the “Fifty Shades” themed goodies and handcuff me to my laptop and force me to WHIP my manuscript into tip-top shape to send to the requesting editor.  They ply me with lots of caffeine, sugar, and Motrin.  July 31 – I type “The End” and then send to lovely editor.  Open bottle of Dom Perignon.

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5 Responses to Summer Writing Prompt

  1. Jeff Salter says:

    Gosh, I’m exhausted just reading all that. I definitely perceive a theme of chocolate throughout … along with hyperactivity. LOL.

    I’m afraid my ‘ideal’ way to spend July would curl your toes with tedium: rise late, sip coffee, check FB & e-mail, have brunch, work on a manuscript, take a nap, watch a favorite movie, read several chapters of a good book, consume a tasty, filling supper without too much expense or hassle, work on my ms. some more, catch up again with FB … go to bed.

    See, I told you it would be boring.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Ah, but the challenge would be to do at least one “major” thing different each day, not that certain things can’t be repeated…like eating. And besides, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your “ideal” July. It sounds quite wonderful actually, especially if all the calories from that tasty, filling supper didn’t count.


  2. tonettejoyce says:

    I’m with Jeff, Micki,I need a nap after just reading all of this!(BTW, you blew the budget with the Dom Perignon.)
    A crazy but almost realistic July would be: 1st Celebrate my niece’s birthday, she’s not only ‘my’ girl(she and her sister lived with my family when they were little) she was my business partner and the one who got me into all this romance-writer connection,(Thanks,Kiddo!) 2nd-Plan Blow-out for the 4th, 3rd, cook and prepare to my heart’s content for the party .4th -Party blow-out-all day and night, 5th-finish one, two, or three of the many books I have started.6th-organize my new desk.7th.organize the room I now laughingly refer to as ‘the library’.8th-organize the books in my bedroom.9th-organize the books in the living room 10th- bind and send in the play I am submitting 11th-Visit old friend with cabins over the TN border 12th-Tour the Land Between the Lakes 13th- take the scenic route home, snapping pictures of wildflowers, and nature to my heart’s content. 14th-finish transferring digital pix from PC to disks (I’ve freed-up almost 4 G’s already!) 15th-put my yard and garden back in order 16th-finsh first song of new play 17th-finish the painting of the area left mostly done 18th-phone every relative I have neglected 18th-vist friend in Nashville and see sights 20th-one more round of decluttering 21st-Drive to Cumberland Falls
    22nd-drive to Md to see old friends, family, homes. 23rd-drive down to Va to see same 24th -drive farther down to see old friend, distant relatives and old family home(just discovered!) 25th-submit writings I have put off 26th-visit relatives in Pa 27th-see sights in Pa 28th-dip down top DelMarVa 29th- day at the beach 30th-travel home a slow route 31st- gear- up for grandkid’s school to start
    Now,I am upset that only a few of those are a reality!


  3. Busy, busy, busy. SLEEP is what I’d want after about two days of your schedule here. LOL!


  4. tonettejoyce says:

    No one else is joining in the fun?
    I never said I had the energy; mine is pure fiction!


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