Delay, delay, delay

This month’s theme is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles which is kind of fitting for me since I’ve been doing lots of traveling this summer.  Which is also my excuse for last week’s absence.  Airplane delays.  Grrrrr.

Side note:  I also don’t have any unusual doctor’s appointment/hospital stories.  I avoid dr. visits by staying relatively healthy and I rarely went as a kid due to no health insurance.

I totally get that flight delays are a fact of life.  Weather is an unavoidable cause, but sometimes you just want somebody to blame.  This week I’m blaming American Airlines.  Twice in the same month I had to deal with the delays from hell.  Which also happened to be from Dallas-Ft. Worth to home.  The same flippin’ flight!  The first incidence resulted from a cancelled flight which turned into a rebooking on a later flight which got delayed by weather and then mechanical issues and then they got us another plane which then had it’s “regularly scheduled maintenance” and at that point I don’t remember the following excuses but from the time I arrived at the DFW airport until my flight landed, I could have driven home and got there sooner!!!  Two weeks later?  Practically the same delay, delay, delay, delay.  I should have landed at 10:25 PM and it was about 1:15 AM which was practically the same time as the prior delayed flight.

I wasn’t going to write American after the first incidence, but after the second one?  Oh yeah.  They are getting the long version with flight numbers and all.

For what it’s worth, I don’t fault any of the American Airlines crew I dealt with either of those days.  It wasn’t their fault.  I kind of feel bad for the lone flight attendant on my last flight.  We were all boarded (after the many delays), we’re waiting, and we’ve been told to turn off our electronics even though the doors hadn’t closed.  (The dude looked about as pissed about the delays as the passengers.)  I’ve been on enough flights recently to know when something’s a bit off.  Anyhow, somebody is talking to the pilot, papers are being passed back and forth and I swear this looked like what that poor flight attendant was thinking:

What do you mean another delay?!  I’m not getting on the intercom to tell these people who’ve been waiting for over three hours that there’s some issue.  That lady in 5B looks like she wants to cut somebody!

That lady in 5B just wanted to get home to her hubby and kids.

Will I still fly American Airlines?  Of course, if they’ve got the best times and prices for what I need at the time.  I still like flying.  As a kid, I always thought only rich people flew on airplanes.  So even though I hate the security lines (appreciate what they do), the baggage fees (cause I am so NOT a carry on kind of gal), and the delays (unless I’m able to take advantage of an overbooked flight and get to see a Bon Jovi concert in the meantime), I feel a little special every time I get to fly.

Plus I have a weakness for United Airlines use of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”.  Have a great week, y’all!

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4 Responses to Delay, delay, delay

  1. tonettejoyce says:

    I haven’t flown in a long time,Micki, but I got on an AA flight one very early morning with two very small children.We skipped breakfast as the kids were half-awake(as we were) and we figured we’d make it, the kids could have what they gave us on our ‘Breakfast Flight’ …only, most of us onboard that morning found that they would NOT be serving breakfast.(Apparently, those who booked later knew that). I meant to fire off a nasty letter; I never did, though.I probably could have gotten some satisfaction.
    Insurance notwithstanding,sick kids got taken to doctors…in my case, a lot. Doctor’s office visits were afordable for anyone with a job back then, so unlike now.


  2. Lavada Dee says:

    We’ve flown a lot. Both domestic and international. I’ve never liked the flight part of the trip but if you want to get there it’s necessary. Air travel has taken a sharp decline in service over the years. Our next experience will be in December for a trip to Can Cune. Again the being there is worth the getting there so I’ll grin and make the best of it.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    I used to fly a good bit, but have not flown for nearly a dozen years now.
    Some of my most interesting experiences were on those tiny commuter turbo-props which held about 16 passengers. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!


  4. Delays are a fact of life, like you said- luckily, I haven’t had any lately but I probably just jinxed myself! LOL!


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